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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Research

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is one of Australia’s premier tertiary referral hospitals and is recognised as a world leader in healthcare excellence and innovation.

RPA is a principal teaching hospital of the University of Sydney and works in close collaboration with a number of medical research institutes to pioneer highly complex interventions and novel treatments within a research framework.

RPA is dedicated to partnering with our communities to significantly improve health and well-being by providing patient, carer and family-centred care.

We are excited about the changing approaches to delivering health and medical care and the explosion of new informational, imaging and medical technologies. We are committed to developing new integrated, personalised, multidisciplinary models of care and translation of research directly to positive patient outcomes.

Research findings from studies at RPA are widely published in medical literature. Our researchers contribute to more than 1300 peer-reviewed publications each year, with approximately 100 of those being clinical trial publications. There are currently more than 400 active clinical trials at RPA and almost 300 active research grants.

Research Departments and Services