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Gynae-Oncology Research

The Gynae-Oncology Department provide care for women with all types and stages of gynaecological cancers. The studies we undertake explore a variety of research directions. These include collecting information regarding registries, tissue collection for biobank and translational research, exploring different clinical, surgical and oncology treatments, effects of conventional and non-conventional pain management, investigating the effects of exercise during chemotherapy and end of life care. We aim to continuously expand our understanding of gynaecological cancers with the research we conduct.

Our Research Team

Associate Professor Rhonda Farrell Director of Gynae-Oncology
Associate Professor Selvan Pather Senior Staff Specialist Gynae-Oncology
Associate Professor Trevor Tedaja-Berges  Senior Staff Specialist Gynae-Oncology
Associate Professor Samir Saidi Senior Staff Specialist Gynae-Oncology
Dr Robyn Sayer Senior Staff Specialist Gynae-Oncology
Dr Michelle Harrison Senior Staff Specialist Medical Oncology
Dr Yeh-Lee Chen Senior Staff Specialist Medical Oncology
Dr Angela Line Fellow
Dr Gaithri Mylvaganam Fellow
Dr Jonathan Sandeford Fellow
Dr Alyssa Mahon Fellow
Dr Sadaf Kalam Clinical Trials Coordinator
Shannon Philp Nurse Practitioner
Belinda Zielony Clinical Nurse Consultant
Karthik Akula Data Manager 
Kyra Garland Masters Student

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$3,700,000 Cancer Institute NSW and Cancer Council NSW, 2021-2024
INOVATe Individualised Ovarian Cancer Treatment through Integration of Genomic Pathology into Multidisciplinary Care.
RPA Investigator: Beale P
$3,520,935 MRFF, 2020-2023
Measuring adherence to best practice guidelines for the management of ovarian cancer in Australia to determine the extent to which variation in care influences clinical and patient-reported outcome.
Investigators: Zalcberg J, Rome R, Antony J, Schofield P, Brand A, Richardson G, Farrell R , Evans S, Hegarty S, , Earnest A. 
$686,674 MRFF Reproductive Cancers, 2020-2023
HyNOVA- A randomised study comparing hyperthermic and normothermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy following interval cytoreductive surgery for stage III epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer.
Investigators: Farrell R, Brand A, McNally O, Ford C, Coward J, Ananda S, Robledo K, Merciera-Bebber R, Koh C, Harrison M, Richards A, Rapajic Moran I, Warton K, Perrin L, Nascimento M, Stockler M, Ansari N, Chetty N, Beale P, Beach R, Pather S, Yip S, Gebski V, Lee YC. 
$40,000 Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Research Grant, 2022-2025
Diagnostic performance of diffusion-weighted MRI compared to laparoscopy in predicting feasibility of complete cytoreduction in advanced ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer. 
Investigators: Farrell R, McGauran M, YuXuan Y, Lam K,  McNally O, Shadbolt C, Kouloyan-Ilic S. 
$33,520 Gynae-Oncology Research Advisory Group (GORAG) Research Grants, 2022-2024
Endo-3, phase III randomised trial comparing sentinel node biopsy with no node dissection in early-stage endometrial cancer.
Investigator: Farrell R.
$21,060 Gynae-Oncology Research Advisory Group (GORAG) Research Grants, 2022-2024
The role of virtual reality in reducing perioperative anxiety in Gynaecologic Oncology patients, a prospective randomized controlled study.
Investigator: Pather S.

Our Publications


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