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Women and Babies Research

The obstetric and midwifery team at Sydney Local Health District are active participants in a number of research projects driven locally, nationally and internationally to improve pregnancy outcomes for mothers and babies. The team focus on clinical and translational research in the prediction, prevention and minimization of adverse obstetric outcomes (pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, failure of labour to progress, preterm delivery and MCDA twin pregnancies). In addition we are committed to high quality research that will inform and improve care of women and babies.

We work closely with our neonatal colleagues to improve our understanding, detection and prevention of causes of stillbirth and neonatal death. We are involved in some innovative research looking at non-invasive methods of data collection during labour.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$2,500,000 NHMRC, 2021-2026
Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth
Investigators: Flenady, Ellwood, Middleton, Gordon, Homer, Morris, Kumar, Walker , Boyle, Davies-Tuck
$1,928,519 MRFF, 2020-2024
The ORIENT study: imprOving Rural and regIonal accEss to long acting reversible contraceptioN and medical abortion through nurse-led models of care, Tasksharing and telehealth.
Investigators: Black K (CID)
$1,922,127 NHMRC Project Grant, 2019-2025
siRNA in preclampsia: reversal of early onset preeclampsia with novel treatment of the placenta
Investigators: Hennessy A-M
$1,920,556 MRFF, 2020-2024
Can a pre-conception weight loss program improve maternal and infant outcomes for women with overweight or obesity? A pragmatic RCT
Investigators: Gordon A, Hyett J, De Vries B. Associate Investigator: Black K
$1,607,080 NHMRC, 2020-2024 
PROTECT Me: Assessing Antenatal Maternal Melatonin Supplementation in Fetal Growth Restriction to Improve Neurodevelopmental Outcomes
Associate Investigator: Gordon A
$1,500,000 MRFF, 2020-2024
Stillbirth Research Education and Awareness Targeted Call
Investigators: Gordon A
$1,207,060 NHMRC Partnership Grant , 2020-2024
The AusCAPPS Network: A community of practice to support the provision of long acting reversible contraception and medical termination of pregnancy in primary care.
Investigators: Black K (CIC)
$497,000 Thrasher Foundation, 2021-2024
Topical coconut oil to prevent late onset sepsis in extremely preterm infants
Investigators: Strunk, Patole, Doherty, Berry, Jacobs, Gordon, Anderson, Lui, Geelhoed.

Our Publications


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