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Vascular Surgery Research

The Department of Vascular Surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is a leader in clinical research. Our main aim is to improve vascular surgical outcome with evidence based surgical research in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary practice. We are involved in multiple randomised and non-randomised international clinical trials and registries in the areas of aortic disease, limb salvage, peripheral vascular disease and deep venous disease. We also have an interest in novel and transformative clinical research.

Our Research Team

Dr Steven Dubenec Head of Department, Surgeon
Dr Jacky Loa Research Lead, Surgeon
Dr Isuru Nammuni Surgeon
Dr Raffi Qasabian  Surgeon, PhD Candidate
Dr David Robinson Surgeon
Dr Tim Shiraev Surgeon, PhD Candidate
Lisa Turner Clinical Trial Co-ordinator
Lorna Beattie Clinical Trial Nurse
Jana Pinkova Vascular Clinical Nurse Consultant

Our Publications


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