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Neurology Research

Our Research Team

Associate Professor Rebekah Ahmed

Associate Professor, Brain and Mind Centre

Staff Specialist Neurologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Professor Craig Anderson

Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

Neurologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Professor Michael Barnett

Consultant Neurologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Senior Academic, University of Sydney

Director, RPA Muscular Sclerosis Clinic and Muscular Sclerosis Clinical Trials Unit, Brain and Mind Centre

Co-director, MS Research Australia Brain Bank

Prof G. Michael Halmagyi

Consultant Neurologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Professor of Neurology, University of Sydney

Professor Matthew Kiernan AM

Bushell Professor of Neurology, University of Sydney, Brain and Mind Centre and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Co -Director, Brain and Mind Centre – Discovery and Translation

Associate Professor Armin (Mohamed) Nikpour
MBBS (Hons), FRACP, BSc (Math)

Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Service, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and University of Sydney

Associate Professor Miriam Welgampola
BSc Med (Hon), FRACP, PhD

Consultant Neurologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Sydney

Associate Professor John Worthington Director, Comprehensive Stroke Service, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$24,025,090 NHMRC, 2019-2024
Clinical, public health and policy interventions to combat cardiovascular diseases
Investigators: Neal B, Patel A, Anderson C,  Woodward M, Rodgers A, Perkovic V, Chalmers J, Chow C, Lindley R, Jan S
$4,016,415 MRFF, 2020-2023
TRANSCEND: TRanslating AI Networks to Support Clinical Excellence in Neuro Diseases
Investigators: Barnett MH, Wang C,  Shieh A, Calamante F, Ouyang W, Cai W, Sullivan R, Shnier R, Masters L.
£2,000,000.00  MRC (UK), 2020-2023
The third, intensive care bundle with blood pressure reduction in acute cerebral haemorrhage (INTERACT 3) trial
Investigator: Anderson CS
$3,000,000 NHMRC, 2022-2027
NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Enhanced Dementia Diagnosis (CREEDD). 
Investigators: Ayton S, Brodtman A, Bush A, Ayton D, Bammer R, Lim Y, Wooward M, Ahmed RM, Ahern S, Liew D.
$2,795,200 NHMRC, 2021-2026
Clinical trial to determine the effects of statins on cognition: STAREE-Mind
Investigators: Ryan J, Zoungas S, Anderson C, Law M, Chong T, Harding I, Heritier S, Naismith S, O’Sullivan M, Liew D
$2,758,598 NHMRC, 2020-2024
Extending the time window for Tenecteplase by Effective Reperfusion of peNumbrAL tissue in patients with Large Vessel Occlusion (ETERNAL)
Investigators: Parsons M, Butcher K, Campbell B, Churilov L, Davis S, Anderson CS, Moodie M, Levi C, Markus H, Coutts S
$2,706,533 MRFF, 2021-2024
Safety and Tolerability of AZD6482 in Reperfusion for Stroke (STARS)
Investigators: Jackson S, Delcourt C, Anderson C, Di Tanna GL, Schoenwaelder S, Ang T
 $2,375,779 MRFF, 2021-2023
Statin Treatment for COVID-19 to optimise Neurological Recovery (STRONGER) trial
Investigators: Anderson, CS
$2,029,361 MRFF Clinical Trials Activity Initiative, 2022-2025
Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombectomy Stroke Study (ENCHANTED-MT).
Investigators: Anderson C, Song L, Chen X, Parsons M, Wang X, Butcher K, Campbell B.
$1,995,481 NHMRC, 2019-2023
Translating the evidence on dementia risk reduction to generate assessments, advice and training for health professionals, policy makers, patients and public.
Investigators: Anstey K, Peters R, Lautenschlager N, Shaw J, Anderson C, Jorm L, Kiely K, Whitmer R, Matthews F, Kivipelto M
$1,774,988 MRFF 2020 Clinician Researchers - Applied Research in Health, 2022-2025
Optimal Post rTPA-iv Monitoring in Ischaemic Stroke (OPTIMISTmain) clinical trial.
Investigators: Anderson CS.
$1,604,184 MRFF - Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Need (RCRDUN), 2020-2023
Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of sodium selenate as a disease modifying treatment for patients with behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia (bvFTD)
Investigators: Piguet O, O'Brien T, Malpas C, Velakoulis D, Brodtmann A, Kalincik T, Walterfang M, Ahmed R, Bush A, Darby D
$1,600,000 NHMRC, 2019-2023
Motor Neurone Disease: Patient centred care for a progressive neurological disease - evidence driving policy
Investigators: Kiernan MC, Wray N, Talman P, Vucic S, Mathers S, Henderson R, Bellgard M, Aoun S, Savulescu J, Rowe D
$1,401,595 NHMRC, 2020-2024
Generating new evidence & improving health systems to improve the management of stroke across the globe
Investigators: Anderson CS
$771,042 NHMRC/Partnership Project for Better Health, 2018-2023
Motor Neurone Disease: Patient centred care for a progressive neurological disease - evidence driving policy
Kiernan M
$600,000 NHMRC DCRC, 2020-2024
World Class Research grant. Frontotemporal Dementia or Autism spectrum disorder
Investigators: Piguet O, Gustella A, Kumfor F, Ahmed RM
$585,270 NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships, 2019-2023
Developing new therapies for neurodegeneration and dementia
Investigators: Kiernan M.
$530,000 Fight MND Research Grant, 2022-2025
Multi-arm, Adaptive, Group sequential trial NETwork to evaluate drug efficacy in patients with MND (MAGNET).
Investigators: Kiernan MC.

Our Publications


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