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Cardiothoracic Surgery Research

Our Research Team

Professor Paul Bannon Head of Department and Research Lead
Dr Matthew Bayfield Consultant Surgeon
Dr Christopher Cao Consultant Surgeon
Prof Tristan Yan Consultant Surgeon
Dr Benjamin Robinson Consultant and Governance lead
Dr Brian Plunkett Consultant Surgeon
Dr Martin Misfield VMO and Co-Director of Research,
Institute of Academic Surgery, RPA Hospital
Lisa Turner Clinical Research Clinical Nurse Consultant
Lorna Beattie Clinical Research Clinical Nurse Consultant
Carmel Oostveen Clnical Research Clinical Nurse Consultant
Dhairya Vayada Research Officer
Dr Charis Tan Masters Student
Dr Matthew Doyle Masters Student

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$1,825,648 NHMRC, 2019-2023
A phase III multicentre blinded randomised controlled clinical non-inferiority trial of cryopreserved platelets vs. conventional liquid-stored platelets for the management of post-surgical bleeding.
RPA Investigator: Bannon P
$869,566 MRFF, 2020-2024
Transfusion Triggers in Cardiac Surgery Australia trial (TRICS-IV)
RPA Investigator: Bannon P

Our Publications


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