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Colorectal Surgery Research

The Colorectal Department has created a foundation in evidence-based practice through their close ties to the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOuRCe), established in 2002. Through this multidisciplinary collaboration within the Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney, the Department's research agenda addresses diverse aspects of surgical outcomes, including surgical effectiveness, patient reported outcomes and quality of life, patterns of care and evidence-based practice, health economic evaluation, assessment of patient preferences, surgical decision-making and other methodological studies.

Over many years, the Department has become one of the major research-focused units. With support from over $30 million in competitive funding (including major funding bodies such as the NHMRC, MRFF, CINSW, NIHR and others) and a multi-disciplinary approach, the Department has published in many of the top surgical and medical journals, including NATURE, BMJ, JAMA surgery, Annals of Surgery, The British Journal of Surgery, Journal of Surgical Oncology and other high impact journals. Additionally, the Department is supportive of young academic surgeons, having assisted in the supervision of PhD and MPhil and MD students. These achievements have contributed significantly to the enhancement of patient outcomes and have changed clinical practice at RPA, Australia and Internationally.

Our Research Team

Associate Professor Chris Byrne Head of Department
Professor Michael Solomon Research Lead
Associate Professor Cherry Koh Research Lead
Dr Peter Lee Colorectal Surgeon, Masters Student
Dr Nabila Ansari Colorectal Surgeon
Dr Kirk Austin Colorectal Surgeon
Dr Kheng-Seong Ng Colorectal Surgeon
Associate Professor Jonathan Hong Colorectal Surgeon
Associate Professor Daniel Steffens SOuRCe Director
Sascha Karunaratne Advanced GI Surgery Program Manager
Mollie Pieniazek Pelvic Exenteration Research Officer
Jessica El-Hayek Pelvic Exenteration Research Officer
Henna Solanki Peritoneal Malignancy Research Officer
Lylee Ye Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Research Officer
Nicholas Hirst PRIORITY Research Officer
Ruby Cole PRIORITY Research Officer
Zirong Bai PhD Candidate
Dr Kilian Brown PhD Candidate
Dr Elizabeth Connolly PhD Candidate
Dr Celine Garrett Masters Student
Dr Hugh Giddings Masters Student
Dr Yeqian Huang PhD Candidate
Dr Charlotte Johnstone Masters Student
Dr Peter Lee Masters Student
Dr Pratik Raichurkar Masters Student
Dr Hang Yue Siu Masters Student
Dr Jacob Waller Masters Student
Kate Wilson PhD Candidate
Dr Philip Yang Masters Student

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$4,995,331 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), 2024-2029
Virtual Multimodal Hub for Patients Undergoing Major Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery – PRIORITY-CONNECT 2 Randomised Type I Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial
Investigator: Steffens D (CI)
$1,119,877 NHMRC, 2020-2024
PRIORITY TRIAL - Preoperative exercise for patients undergoing major abdominal cancer surgery: A Multicentre Randomised Controlled Trial. 
Investigators: Young J, Solomon MJ, Riedel B, Steffens D, Morton R, Denehy L, Heriot A, Koh C, Li Q, Bauman A. 

Our Publications


Brown K, Solomon M, Ng KS, Sutton P, Koh C, White K, Steffens D; EviSurg Research Group. Development of a risk prediction tool for patients with locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer undergoing pelvic exenteration: protocol for a mixed-methods study. BMJ Open. 2023 Aug 30;13(8):e075304. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-075304.
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