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Melanoma and Surgical Oncology Research

Specialising in surgical oncology, our research focusses on patients diagnosed with melanoma or complex skin cancers. Patients with melanoma and complex skin cancers are recruited for the Melanoma Institute Australia Research Database and the Melanoma Institute Australia Biospecimen Bank for Melanoma Research. 

Our Research Team

Associate Professor Robyn Saw Surgical Oncologist
Professor Omgo Nieweg Surgical Oncologist
Dr Thomas Pennington Surgical Oncologist
Natalie Osborne Clinical Nurse Consultant

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$2,486,945 NHMRC, 2017-2022
Centre of Excellence in Melanoma.
Investigators: Mann, Cust, Scolyer, Saw, Spillane, Guitera, Long, et.al.
$2,023,376 MRFF 2020 Efficient Use of Existing Medicines , 2021-2025
NADINA Phase 3 trial comparing response driven neo-adjuvant combination of ipilimumab + nivolumab versus adjuvant nivolumab.
Investigators: Long G, McArthur G, Menzies A, Spillane A, Carlino M, Gyorki D, Saw R, Lo S, Morton R.
$1,229,190 NHMRC, 2019-2023
Can patient-led surveillance detect recurrent or new primary melanoma and reduce the need for routinely scheduled follow-up? A Randomised Controlled Trial.
Investigators: Bell K, Janda M, Cust A, Turner R, Irwig L, Guitera P, Saw RPM, Mar V, Dieng M, Hersch J.
$250,000 USYD NHMRC Co-Funding, 2017-2022
Centre of Excellence in Melanoma: Person, tumour and system-focussed knowledge to drive better outcomes in melanoma.
Investigators: Mann, Cust, Scolyer, Braithwaite, Kelly, Morton, Spillane, Saw, Henderson, Yang

Our Publications


Ackermann, D., Dieng, M., Medcalf, E., Jenkins, M., Van Kemenade, C., Janda, M., Turner, R., Cust, A., Morton, R., Irwig, L., Guitera, P., Hersch, J., Saw, R., Scolyer, R., Drabarek, D., Espinoza, D., Smit, A., Thompson, J., Bell, K., et al (2022). Assessing the Potential for Patient-led Surveillance after Treatment of Localized Melanoma (MEL-SELF): A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Dermatology, 158(1), 33-42.
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El Sharouni, M., Scolyer, R., van Gils, C., Ch'ng, S., Nieweg, O., Pennington, T., Saw, R., Shannon, K., Spillane, A., Stretch, J., Thompson, J., Lo, S., et al (2022). Time interval between diagnostic excision-biopsy of a primary melanoma and sentinel node biopsy: effects on the sentinel node positivity rate and survival outcomes. European Journal of Cancer, 167, 123-132.
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