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Institute of Haematology Research

The Royal Prince Alfred Institute of Haematology research unit performs high quality research in both clinical medicine and laboratory studies. We operate an expanding clinical trials unit with a growing trial portfolio which provides new treatment options that would otherwise be not accessible to members of our community. We have a large laboratory research program with major interests in immunotherapy, multiple myeloma, molecular diagnostics and coagulation disorders. The commitment to both clinical and laboratory research promotes excellence in our staff, and drives better outcomes and experiences for our patients and their families.

Our Key Research Themes

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$2,917,087 MRFF, 2022-2024
A national, multi-centre study evaluating Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) associated with ChAdOx1 (AZD1222) and other SARS-CoV-2 vaccines (viral vector & m-RNA)
Investigator: Passam F
$1,678,493 MRFF, 2022-2024
More efficient delivery of high-cost standard-of-care therapies in relapsed multiple myeloma using real-time feedback of patient-reported outcome measures: the MY-PROMPT-2 trial
Investigators: Ho PJ, King T
$1,000,000 Sydney Cardiovascular Fellowship, 2018-2023
Investigator: Passam F
$550,000 NSW Cardiovascular EMCR Grant, 2020-2023
Targets for the prevention of cardiovascular thrombosis in metabolic syndrome
Investigator: Passam F
$216,976 Heart Research Institute/New Zealand Partnership Award, 2022-2024
Role of ER stress in platelet function
Investigator: Passam F
$150,000 University of Sydney Nano Institute Grand Challenge, 2022-2024
Organ-on-chip for blood clot assessment
Investigator: Passam F
$150,000 Ramaciotti Foundations Health Investment Grant, 2021-2023
Targeting protein disulfide isomerase for the prevention ofthrombotic disease
Investigator: Passam F

Our Publications


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