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Social Work Research

Our Publications


Myhill B. "Reflections and Challenges in Palliative Care Social Work: Role Definition and Worker Satisfaction" in Swift Newsletter 2019 Myhill B, McKinnon T & Connolly V (co-editors) Swift Newsletter 2019.

Our Presentations


Myhill B. "Preparing for a home death" to LifeHouse staff.
Brown, S.  When Surgery has no Role.   Australia New Zealand Hepatic, Pancreatic and Billiary Associaltion.  Nurses and Allied Health Workshop.  A.C.T. (October 2019)
Magee, F & co. Intersections between Health and Justice.  Health Justice Conference.  25 September 2019.
Pittorino, J. Social Work and Working with the Elderly within the Burns Unit.  ASSW Aged Care Special Interest Group.  8 May 2019.
Green, M. Rivendell Unit Churchill Fellowship researching benefits of working with families of patients in high secure forensic environments, May 2019
Magee, FIntersectionality and LGBTQIA + Social Work Practice.  World Social Work Day Forum - Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships, RPA Hospital, NSW.  19 March 2019.
Magee, F. Strengths and Challenges of Shared Case Planning between Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Department of Communities and Justice.  SLHD Child Protection Conference - Old Challenges, New Solutions, Rozelle NSW, 3 September 2019.
Howard, P. Community Services.  CEWD - Behavioural Challenges in Aged Care Nursing.  30 October 2019.
Howard, P. Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian.  SLHD Dietitian's Aged Care Interest Group.  14 November 2019.
Myhill, B. & Whitford, R. Preparing for a Home Death.  Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.  29 November 2019.
Myhill, B.  Psychosocial Care.  SLHD course - ABC of Palliative Care.  March 2019.