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Renal Medicine Research

Renal Medicine is a research-active department operating from the Kidney Centre and Transplant Unit at RPA and the Kidney Node, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney. Research spans from basic immunology through clinical trials, cohort studies to epidemiology. Highlights include microbiota in kidney disease, trials in transplantation, antibodies in transplantation, immunosuppression and kidney disease in people with HIV.

Our Research Team

Professor Steve Chadban Programme Lead
Professor Kate Wyburn Senior Researcher
Dr Tracey Ying Senior Researcher
Clinical Associate Professor Huiling Wu Principal Scientist
Professor David Gracey Senior Researcher
Dr John Saunders Clinical Trials Principal Investigator
Dr Paul Snelling Clinical Trials Principal Investigator
Dr Leyla Aouad Clinical Researcher
Dr Pat Lan Senior Research Fellow
Dr Susan Wan Post Doc Fellow
Ellen Yeo Clinical Trial Coordinator

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$369,182 NHMRC Partnership Grant, 2019-2024

Maximising Organ Donor offer Utility System-wide (the MODUS study)

Investigators: Webster A (CIA), Wyburn K (CIB), Morton R (CIC), McCaffery K (CID), Kelly P (CIE), Clayton P (CIF), Muscat D (CIG), De La Mata N (CIH)

CIHR, 2020-2024

CARSK Study: A RCT of screening for CAD while waitlisted for kidney transplantation

Associate Investigator: Chadban S
$778,232 NHMRC Ideas Grant, 2021-2025

Improving Kidney Transplant Outcomes Using Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Investigators: Rogers N (CIA), Patrick E (CIB), Pleass H (CIC), Laurence J (CID), Wyburn K (CIE)

Our Publications


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