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Cancer Care Research Unit

The Cancer Nursing Research Unit is helping to meet the needs of people in NSW by undertaking research in supportive care in cancer that focuses on patient and family experience.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$6,499,695 Medical Research Future Fund, 2021-2026
Transforming Wound Care through Telehealth in Aged Care
Investigators: Luscombe, G., Banbury, A., Shaw, T., Makeham, M., Barakat-Johnson, M., Salvado, O., Grieve, L., Ahmet, D., & Webster, R
$1,416,364 NHMRC, 2019-2023
Improving outcomes for cancer patients who smoke: The Care to Quit stepped wedge randomization trial to implement best-practice cessation care in cancer centres
Investigators: Paul C, Warren G, Vinod S, Meiser B, Stone E, Barker D, White K.

Our Publications


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