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Rheumatology Research

Our Researchers

Dr Bethan Richards

Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Epidemiologist and Head of the Department of Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Deputy Director, Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, Sydney Local Health District

Senior Clinical Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Sydney.

Chief Medical Wellness Officer and Director, Sydney Local Health District MDOK Centre

Professor Jane Bleasel

Senior Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Director, Sydney Medical Program and Director of Academic Education, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

Dr Angela Fu

Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Professor Inam Haq

Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Staff Cardiologist, Children's Hospital Westmead

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney

Clinical Associate Professor Neil McGill

Visiting Medical Officer in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Dr Christopher Needs

Senior Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Co-Chair, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation Muscular Skeletal Network

Dr Matthew Parker

Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney

Dr Michael Spies

Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Clinical Superintendent of Medicine, RPA Basic Physician Training Network

Professor Peter Youssef

Senior Staff Specialist in Rheumatology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Clinical Professor of Rheumatology, University of Sydney

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$480,078 MRFF Preventive and Public Health, 2020-2023
Physical activity promotion by health professionals to increase physical activity: two hybrid type II implementation-effectiveness cluster randomised waitlist controlled trials in hospital outpatient settings
Investigators: Hassett L, Sherrington C, Pinheiro M, Howard K, Jennings M, Greaves C, Alison J, Walkley J, Haynes A, Bauman A, Smith B, Brady B, Richards B, Vassallo G, Cole J, West K, D’Sousa M.
$315,764 2020 Traumatic Brain Injury Mission, Stream 2- incubator, 2021-2025
Optimising outcomes for patients with back pain by preventing hospital admission
Investigators: Maher, C; Buchbinder, R; Needs, C; Richards, B; Shaw, M; Hutchings, O; Dearing, C; Edwards, J; Rogan, E; Coombs, D; Teng, MJ; Dodd, R; Ghinea, N; Harris, I.

Our Publications


Amorim AB, Coombs D, Richards B, Maher CG, Machado GC. Text Messaging and Web-Based Survey System to Recruit Patients With Low Back Pain and Collect Outcomes in the Emergency Department: Observational Study. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2021;9(3):e22732
Anandacoomarasamy, A., Richards, B., Ward, L., Langford, K., Wallace, G., Sinclair, T., Anderson, T. and Barnsley, L. (2022), Design and Implementation of Flexible Advanced Training in Rheumatology: Report of a pilot program. Intern Med J. Accepted Author Manuscript. https://doi.org/10.1111/imj.15403
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