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Anaesthetics Research

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Department of Anaesthetics is dedicated to improving patient outcomes in perioperative care through their ongoing participation in clinical research and quality assurance activities.

The department proudly supports staff members who initiate their own innovative research projects and those who commit time and expertise towards larger multi-centre trials. Our primary contributions to clinical research include investigating the mechanisms of anaesthesia, improving perioperative brain health, and enhancing training for the safe provision of anaesthesia. 

In 2020, the Department of Anaesthetics welcomed Professor Robert Sanders, Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetics at the University of Sydney. Since his commencement in the role, Professor Sanders has re-invigorated research within the department, attracted grant funding for ongoing projects and formed a research team in collaboration with the University of Sydney.

The research projects under Professor Sanders are primarily focussed on reducing postoperative delirium, a state of sudden confusion that can occur after surgery and is associated with worse outcomes for the patient. Continuing research in this area will become increasingly relevant following the recognition of delirium as an actual and potential Hospital Acquired Complication (HAC) by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2021. 

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$3,600,000 NIH, 2020-2025

Clarifying the overlapping pathology of delirium and dementia

Investigators: Sanders RD, Pearce RA
$3,038,535 NIH, 2020-2025

Receptors, microcircuits and hierarchical connectivity in predictive coding and sensory awareness

Investigators: Saalamnn Y, Sanders RD
$120,000 ANZCA, 2022-2023

Advancing a mechanistic understanding of how preoperative exercise training improves perioperative outcomes: A substudy of the NHMRC-funded PRIORITY randomised controlled trial

Investigators: Pillinger N

Our Publications


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