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Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology Research

Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology at RPA has a broad-based research program encompassing basic, translational and clinical studies in a wide range of organs, including skin, head and neck, lung, breast, colorectum, prostate, liver and pancreas. 

The melanoma group studies causes, diagnosis, prognostication and treatment in one of Australia's most common malignancies and are recognised international leaders in this field. The head and neck, lung, prostate and breast groups have established national and international profiles in pathology research focusing on diagnosis and prediction of behaviour in these tumours, as well as developing predictive markers for targeted therapy. 

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SydneyConnect Image: Researcher Professor Richard Scolyer AO

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$7,000,000 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), 2021-2026
Cartilage based stem cell therapies for joint deformity and facial disfigurement. A framework for point of care manufacturing and delivery (ARISTOCRAT). 
Investigators: Chung P, Clark J, Mukherjee P, Gupta R
$3,937,110 NHMRC Investigator Grant, 2023-2027
Melanoma: Getting the Diagnosis and Treatment Right for Better Patient Outcomes. 
Investigator: Scolyer R (CIA)
$3,750,000  CINSW, 2021-2025
Improving Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer
Investigators: Clark JR, Gupta R, Ashford BA, Ranson M, Boyer MB, Lee J, Rizos H
$3,747,602 Cancer Council NSW Translational Program Grant, 2020-2024
INOVATe 2.0 - Individualised Ovarian Cancer Treatment Through Integration of Genomic Pathology into Multidisciplinary Care - Phase 2: Evaluation, Implementation and Integration into Clinical Practice
Investigators: deFazio A, Harnett P, Friedlander M, Balleine R, Bowtell D, Samimi G, Brand A, Marsh D, Beale P, Anderson L
$3,230,670 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) -  International Clinical Trial Collaborations Grant Program RC Ideas Grant, 2020-2025
Circulating tumour DNA guidEd Therapy for stage IIB/C BRAF mutant positive mElanoma after surgiCal resecTION (DETECTION)
Investigators: Sandhu S, Dawson S-J, Long GV, Carlino M, Menzies A, Scolyer RA, Rizos H, Lorigan P, Atkinson V, Henderson M. 
$3,217,920 NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant, 2021-2026
Reconceiving early detection of melanoma
Investigators: Mar V, Janda M, Soyer P, Penas PF, Cust A, Morton R, Wolfe R, Scolyer R, Ge Z, Lawn C. 
$2,500,000 NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence, 2021-2025
Centre of Excellence in Skin Imaging and Precision Diagnosis
Investigators: Janda M, Soyer HP, Mar V, Fernandez-Penas P, Morton R, Cust A, Wolfe R, Scolyer RA, Caffery L, Ge Z.
$2,023,376 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) - Efficient Use of Existing Medicines Grant,2021-2025
NADINA Phase 3 trial comparing response driven neo-adjuvant combination of ipilimumab + nivolumab versus adjuvant nivolumab
Investigators: Long G, Scolyer RA, McArthur G, Menzies A, Spillane A, Carlino M, Gyorki D, Saw R, Lo S, Morton RL.
US$1,000,000 American Cancer Society (ACS) & Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) Joint Award, 2020-2023
Molecular predictors and vulnerabilities of melanoma brain metastasis
Investigators: Davies M, Huse JT,  Gershenwald JE, Tetzlaff MT, Scolyer R
$859,000 NHMRC, 2021-2024
From Functional Genomics to Precision Medicine: Identifying the Cause and Finding Optimal Therapy
Investigators: Gupta R (CIB)
$598,000 NHMRC, 2020-2023
High Risk Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Defining Prognostic Markers of Metastases
Investigators: Gupta R (CIC)
$520,413 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF),  2020-2023
Combination of Avelumab with Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) or Conventional Fractionated Radiotherapy (RT) in Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC). 
Investigators: Shackleton M, Poulsen M, Scolyer RA 
$148,150 Tour de Cure Community Grant 2022, 2022-2023
Digital Histological Imaging for Melanoma.
Investigator: Scolyer RA 
$100,000 NSW Government - Biospecimen Collection Grants, 2020-2024
Head and Neck Cancer Biobank.
Investigator: Gupta R (CIA)
$100,000 NSW Government - Biospecimen Collection Grants, 2020-2024
The Melanoma Institute Australia Biospecimen Bank – External Collections
Investigators: Scolyer RA

Our Publications


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