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Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre Research

Our Research Team

Professor Pascale Guitera Dermatologist
Director, Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre
Clinical Academic, University of Sydney
Dr Amanda Regio Pereira Dermatologist and PhD Candidate
Dr Bruna Gallo Dermatology Research Assistant and Masters Student
Milapatabeige (Sampi) Kulasekara Clinical Imaging and Research Assistant
Bruna Gouvia PhD Candidate
Arthur Martin Masters Student

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$10,000,000 Australian Cancer Research Fund, 2019-2023
Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis
Investigators: Soyer HP, Mann G, Mar V, Janda M, Aitken J, Fernandez-Penas P, Gray L, Menzies SW, Scolyer R, Wolfe R, Cust A, Guitera P, McCormack C, Morton R, Caffery L.
$5,276,225 Innovation Fund Denmark, 2019-2024
AI augmented training in Skin Cancer diagnostics 
Investigators: Guitera P, et al.
$2,400,000 MRFF Targeted Health System and Community Organisation Research Grant, 2019-2022
Melanoma surveillance photography to improve early detection of melanoma in very high risk (or high risk) patients
Investigators: Mar V, Guitera P, et al.
$1,229,189 NHMRC Project Grant, 2018-2022
Can patient-led surveillance detect recurrent or new primary melanoma & reduce need for routinely scheduled follow-up? A Randomised Controlled Trial
Investigators: Bell C, Janda M, Cust A, Turner R, Irwig L, Guitera P, Saw R, Mar V,  Dieng M, Hersch J.
$839,351 NHMRC Project Grant, 2018-2022
A national risk-stratified melanoma screening program in Australia: a modelling study of the benefits, harms, cost-effectiveness and resource implications
Investigators: Cust A, Canfell K, Aitken J, Guitera P, Aranda S, Watts C, Rankin N, Fernandez-Penas P.

Our Publications


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