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Sydney Local Health District has a long and proud history of health and medical research across the healthcare continuum; with more than 60 departments involved in research from the newborn care unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to research in the elderly at the Centre for Education and Research in Aging at Concord Repatriation General Hospital.

The District is committed to driving a culture that identifies research and its implementation as “everybody’s business”, informed by evidence and the consumer experience, rapid translation of research to practice and collaboration.

Our Vision

To be a world leader in health research driving excellence in health and health care, and generating community, social and economic benefits.

Our Mission

To be a health service that values, profiles and supports a wide spectrum of the highest quality research as a central component of health service provision, and whose research and its translation is valued by its community and is recognised nationally and internationally.

Our Principles

Our vision is underpinned by a commitment to the following principles:


Quality research has significant potential benefit, not only based on its contribution to knowledge and expertise, but to its beneficial impact on social and individual health and wellbeing. Quality research conforms to nationally agreed research ethics standards and is sensitive to consumer needs and community perspectives.


Public confidence and trust in the integrity and value of research in health delivery is paramount. Ethical conduct is more than simply doing the right thing. It involves acting in the right spirit, out of respect and concern for others; this includes abiding by the values of research merit, justice and beneficence. Respect requires having regard for the welfare, beliefs, perceptions, and cultural heritage of those involved in research.


Equity in research is the fair distribution of the benefits and burdens of research, and in the fair treatment of participants. While benefit to humankind is an important result of research it also matters that benefits of research are achieved through just means and involve no unjust burdens for the participants and to the wider community and contribute to societal and community wellbeing.