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Psychology Research

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant or project details
$4,000,000 Federal Government Translation of Evidence into Practice Grant, 2018-2020
Eating disorders
Investigator: Maguire S
$248,000 NSW Health Translational Research Grant Scheme, 2018-2020 
Randomised Control Trial of online CBT for Bulimia nervosa in headspace and community settings
Investigator: Maguire S
$33,640 Get Connected Stay Connected, 2020-2021
Combatting Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19 Grant Program
Investigator: Massa J
$3500 HETI WPL, 2020-2021
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training
Investigator: Liew V
$3000 HETI WPL, 2020-2021
Hoarding & Squalor Advanced Practitioner Workshops
Investigator: Perkes D
$2300 HETI WPL, 2020-2021
Psychology Training, Education and Research Day- Suicide 2021
Investigator: So J
$1641 HETI WPL, 2020-2021
Assessment and treatment of complicated loss and traumatic grief
Investigator: Ho E
$530 NSW Health Palliative Care Education and Training Program, 2019-2020
Addressing Compassion, fatigue, managing grief and loss amongst healthcare professionals
Investigators: Seif S

Our Publications


Barrett Jones, S., Miller, L.A., Kleitman, S., Nikpour, A., Lah, S. (2021). Semantic and episodic memory in adults with temporal lobe epilepsy. Applied Neuropsychology: Adults, Feb 17;1-10. (Online prior to print) doi: 10.1080/23279095.2021.1876692
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Our Presentations


Colagiuri S., Markovic T., Caterson I., Hocking S., Baur L., Rydge H., Ramachandran D., Franklin J., Johnson N., Swinbourne J., Gill T., & Cunich M. (Webinar)(2021) "Behaviour Change and Stress During the COVID-19 Lockdown." Managing Obesity during the COVID19 Pandemic. Boden Collaboration, Sydney, Australia. May.
Day, S., Bussey, K., Trompeter, N., Lonergan, A., & Mitchison, D. (2021, June). Weight- or shape-related bullying in adolescents: Comparing the impact on diverse disordered eating behaviours. Oral presentation at the International Conference for Eating Disorders, Sydney.
Day, S., Bussey, K., Trompeter, N., & Mitchison, D. (2021, June). The impact of teasing and bullying victimisation on disordered eating and body image disturbance among adolescents: A systematic review. Poster presented at the International Conference for Eating Disorders, Sydney.
Franklin, J. & Swinbourne, J.(2021) Dietary and Psychological impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on people with obesity: a preliminary sneak peek. Changes in Food Behaviours, Diet and health during Covid-19, October 2020. Nutrition Society of Australia, Sydney Regional Group Virtual Event Series #2, Sydney Australia (Webinar).  
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So, E., Sen, S., Vrklevski, L & Agaliotis, M (2021). Examining the barriers and enablers of integrating psychologists into chronic kidney disease models of care.(2021) 12th Health services Research Conference HRAANZ. Sydney, Australia 2021.
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Ho, J.,  Jacek, S., Wells, K., Gomez, L., Taylor, R.  & Halliday, G. ECT DVD - Let's Talk About It!, Mental Health Research Forum 2021,  5 November 2021 by Zoom
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Massa, J. (2021) "Older Peoples Mental Health First Aid" face to face for 16 participants with great feedback, and with a co-facilitator from VAST. Mental Health First Aiders is an international course and this month marks the point when a million people become Mental Health First Aiders.
Miller, L. (2021) "Dementia: Understanding what it is and what we can do about it.  Talk presented to Pyrmont Supports Community Group (via Zoom)".
Modini, M., Burton, A & Abbott, M. Factors influencing inpatients perception of psychiatric hospitals: A meta-review of the literature. Mental Health Research Forum 2021, 5 November 2021 by Zoom.
Say, M. (2021) "Neuroimmunology" at the Psychology Quarterly Network Meeting.
Seif, S. (2021)  "Psychosocial Issues at the End of Life" to RPAH Social Work Department
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