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Urology Research

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Urology department is an institution of surgical and academic excellence focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients whilst fostering world class research and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in urological surgery.

Our experienced surgeons  have a diverse range of interests including minimally invasive procedures, complex open oncological surgery and major reconstructive surgery. RPA is one of the few public hospitals offering robotic surgery, and there is ongoing recruitment in to randomised controlled trials of patients undergoing robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer,  robotic partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer and robotic bladder cancer surgery.

The Urology department is committed to an evidence-based approach to patient care and strives to advance the field through high quality research. It is a quaternary referral centre for the most complex open urological procedures including retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for testicular cancer and caval thrombectomy and reconstruction for advanced kidney cancer. 

Our Key Research Themes

  • Urological surgical techniques
  • Cellular function of prostate cancer
  • Outcome of robotic-assisted surgery of partial nephrectomy and radical prostatectomy
  • Robotic node dissection

Our Research Team

Dr David Eisinger Head of Department
Urological and transplant surgeon
Dr John Boulas Urological and transplant surgeon
Associate Professor Paul Sved Uro-oncologist and robotic surgeon
Dr Scott Leslie Urological, transplant and robotic surgeon
Dr Arthur Vasilaras Urological, transplant and robotic surgeon
Dr Nicola Jeffery Urological and reconstructive surgeon
Kevin Ancog Prostate Cancer Nurse Specialist
Virginia Ip Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Our Publications


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