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Clinical Immunology Research

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
US$13,100,000 NIH, 2022-2027
Advancing Vaccine Adjuvant Research for Tuberculosis Contract.
Investigators: Britton WJ, Izzo A, Triccas JA
$4,248,555 MRFF, 2020-2024
Pathway to the Elimination of Antibiotic-Resistant and Latent Tuberculosis in the Pacific: the PEARL study
Investigators: Marais B, Britton WJ, Marks GB, Fox G, Saunders BM, Trauer J, Viney K
$2,752,967 MRFF, 2023-2025
Comparing Immunisation-boosting Regimens for COVID-19 Upon Initiation of immunosuppressive Therapies (CIRCUIT Study).
Investigators: Lee FJ
$2,497,940 NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence, 2018-2023
Centre of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control on both sides of the border
Investigators: Britton WJ, Marais B, Marks GB, Fox G, Graham S, McBryde E, Sintchenko V, Triccas JA, Saunders BM, Denholm J
$2,000,000 Cancer Council of NSW, 2018-2023
2018 Pathways to a Cancer-Free Future “Cellular immuno-gene therapy for pancreatic cancer” 
Investigator: Adelstein S
$1,556,560 MRFF, 2021-2023
A single dose, globally accessible vaccine to combat emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants
Investigators: Britton WJ (CII)
$1,059,315 The Philip Bushell Foundation, 2019-2023
New vaccines and biomarkers for the control of Tuberculosis
Investigators: Britton WJ, Triccas JA, Fox G
$995,867 NSW Health COVID-19 Vaccine Acceleration Research Grant, 2023-2024
Nasal delivered COVID vaccine to block transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
Investigators: Britton WJ, Ashhurst A, Johansen M, Payne RP, Young P, Hansbro P Triccas JA. Steain N, Byrne S, Turville S.
$896,784 NHMRC Ideas Grant, 2022-2024
Defining the impact of chronic lung disease on COVID-19 and developing effective therapies
Investigators: Britton WJ, Hansbro N, Johansen M, Idrees S.
$352,879 NSW Dust Diseases Board, 2023-2024
Defining new and effective therapies against the pathogenesis of accelerated silicosis.
Investigators: Hansbro P, Britton WJ, Chambers D, Quan D, Troy L, Corte T, Hansbro N, Gang L.
€200,023 Leprosy Research Initiative (Holland), 2022-2025
The COMBINE study: Defining the impact of combined community-wide screening and mass chemoprophylaxis for leprosy in Kiribati: a prospective community implementation study.
Investigators: Chambers S, Britton WJ, Tomlinson J, Marais B, Marks GB, Priest P, Ioteba N, Maribo, Cunanan A, Hill J, Coleman M.
$135,000 NHMRC, 2023-2025
Postgraduate Research Scholarship.
Investigator: Stoyanov A
$75,000 University of Sydney Drug Discovery Initiative, 2023
Nasal delivered COVID vaccine to block transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
Investigators: Ashhurst A, Byrne S, Payne RP, Britton WJ, Young P, Steain M.
$25,000 RCPA Foundation, 2023
Postgraduate Research Fellowship.
Investigator: Stoyanov A
$10,000 RCPA Foundation, 2023
Research Grant-in-Aid.
Investigator: Urriola N

Our Publications


Albariqi AH, Wang Y, Chang RYK, Quan DH, Wang X, Kalfas S, Drago J, Britton WJ, Chan H-K.  (2022) Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Inhaled Ivermectin in Mice as a Potential COVID-19 Treatment. International Journal of Pharmaceutics May 10; 619:121688.  Doi;10.1089/jamp.2021.0059. PMID 35314278. 
Albariqi AH, Wei-Ren, Khanal D, Kalfas S, Tang P, Britton WJ, Drago J, Chan HK.  Preparation and characterization of inhalable ivermectin powders for potential COVID-19 Treatment. (2022) J. Aerosol Medicine & Pulmonary Drug Delivery 35(5): 239-251. 
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