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Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Research

The Department conducts research into various aspects of clinical infectious diseases and microbiology with a focus on healthcare-associated infections and pathogen genomics.

Multidrug-resistant bacteria, and the hospital acquired infections they cause, are one of the most significant future threats to human health both in Australia and globally. Effective antibiotics are essential for the safe provision of life-saving interventions such as solid organ and bone marrow transplantation, cancer chemotherapy and surgery. These interventions are now under threat, due to rapidly expanding antimicrobial resistance and a lack of novel antimicrobial drug classes.

A major focus of the Department's research is understanding how these multidrug-resistant bacteria spread across the community and the hospital and how they adapt to specific niches, using state-of-the-art molecular epidemiological methods. This research is accomplished by patient screening, surveillance and use of whole genome sequencing for high-consequence and high-prevalence micro-organisms. The Department participates in national surveillance programs for bacterial resistance, reporting to the Australian Group for Antimicrobial Resistance (AGAR), OrgTrx and CARalerts.

The Department has led the state in developing highly specialised and locally optimised in-house bioinformatics pipelines and automated reporting systems. This has facilitated studies which have provided important insights into the transmission dynamics of healthcare-associated pathogens, particularly vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE) and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales (CPE), and more recently SARS-CoV-2. Research findings have been rapidly translated into the implementation of targeted measures to optimise control of these multi-drug resistant organisms as well as COVID-19.

Other areas of research involve immunocompromised individuals. The Department participates in mycology studies which have examined fungal resistance rates. These findings have enabled refinement of local antifungal prophylaxis strategies for the numerous immunosuppressed hosts cared for at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital including liver, renal and allogeneic transplant recipients. HIV drug resistance surveillance is another area of interest of the Department, through involvement in the implementation of a state-wide HIV drug resistance database and participation in national surveillance reports. Optimising care for patients in other specialised services has also become a focus of the Department, through the individualised prescribing of antimicrobials, in particular using therapeutic drug monitoring for patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) or with cystic fibrosis.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$2,971,764 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Clinical Trials Activity, 2023-2025
Modulating stem cell differentiation in individuals with high risk clonal haematopoiesis: the MOSAIC trial.
RPA Investigator: Dharan N (CIL)
$1,993,166 Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) International Clinical Trials Collaboration, 2023-2025
Strategies and treatments for respiratory infections and viral emergencies (STRIVE).
RPA Investigator: Dharan N (CIB)
$655,150 NHMRC Investigator Grant, 2022-2025
The impact of chronic viral infections on molecular ageing processes and associated clinical outcomes.
RPA Investigator: Dharan N (CIA)
$75,000 UNSW Sydney Triple I SPHERE Seed Grant, 2022
Immune dysregulation and the risk of clonal haematopoiesis in chronic HIV infection.
Investigator: Dharan N (CIA)

Our Publications


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Our Presentations


Davis, RJ. Improving environmental sustainability of microbiology laboratory processes. Pathology Update, Sydney, March 2022
Hernandez Cordero AI (presenter), Yang CX, Yang J, MacIsaac J, Lin D, Kobor M, Tedaldi E, Ekenberg C, Dharan N, Man SFP, Sin DD, Kunisaki K, Leung JM. Genetic architecture of the epigenome reveals new associations for lung function in HIV. American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting May 2022.   
Marinelli, T. Candida colonization and ECMO are associated with early invasive candidiasis in lung transplant recipients. Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting. Adelaide. June 2022
Marinelli. T. Prevention of invasive candidiasis in the ICU. International Conference on Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Agents. Perth. November 2022