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Endocrinology Research

The RPA Department of Endocrinology comprises: 

  • The Diabetes Centre 
  • Metabolism and Obesity Service 
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism Centre 
  • The Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) RPA Clinic (Endocrinology Node) 
  • The Greg Brown Diabetes & Endocrinology Research Laboratory.

The research undertaken by our department is broad in scope, reflecting the breadth of Endocrine related disease. Major diseases studied are diabetes mellitus and its complications, thyroid disease including cancer and Graves' disease, pituitary disease, and morbid obesity and its management (with particular interest in people with obesity and mental illness and intellectual delay and genetic disorders such as Prader-Willi syndrome). Research includes clinical intervention studies, clinical audit and health care delivery research, and translational research including biomarker studies and testing of findings and potential mediators of disease in preclinical models.

Our Research Team

Diabetes Centre

Dr Ted Wu Director of Diabetes
Associate Professor Margaret McGill AM Assistant Director
Clinical Professor Jencia Wong Endocrinology Senior Staff Specialist, Director of Research
Dr Timothy Middleton Endocrinology Staff Specialist and Associate Director of Research. Clinical Lecturer, The University of Sydney
Dr Maria Constantino CDE Data Manager Diabetes Centre and Diabetes Data Driven Research Group
Associate Professor Glynis Ross Visiting Medical Officer Endocrinology, Clinician Researcher
Connie Luo Nurse Practitioner Diabetes
Amanda Gauld Clinical Nurse Specialist, Research and Clinical Trials Coordinator
Stephanie Noonan Diabetes Educator, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Registered Nurse
Yi Shi Diabetes Educator, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Registered Nurse
Georgia Lonergan Diabetes Educator, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Registered Nurse
Holly Murdoch Registered Nurse
Dr Arianne Sweeting Staff Specialist, Skip Martin Fellow
Dr Angela Lee Endocrinology Staff Specialist, Clinical Lecturer The University of Sydney
Dr Pamela Jean Ho Visiting Medical Officer Endocrinology, Clinician Researcher
Dr Eddy Tabet Endocrinology Staff Specialist, Clinician Researcher

Endocrine and Metabolism Centre

Dr Albert Hsieh Director
Dr Ash Gargya Staff Specialist
Dr Nimalie Perera Staff Specialist
Dr Jessica Bindra Endocrine Advanced Trainee
Dr Xi May Zhen Endocrine Advanced Trainee
Dr Arunan Sriravindrarajah Endocrine Advanced Trainee
Dr Senthil Thillainadesan Honorary Medical Officer
Professor Arthur Conigrave Clinical Academic
Julie Hetherington Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Consultant
Roghaya Fatouros Registered Nurse
Rupinder Kaur Dehar Registered Nurse

The Greg Brown Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Laboratory

Professor Stephen Twigg Head of Department Endocrinology, Medical Head of the Greg Brown Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Laboratory
Dr Danqing Min Principal Hospital Scientist, Laboratory Manager
Associate Professor Paul Williams Honorary Associate Professor
Associate Professor Susan McLennan Honorary Associate Professor
Associate Professor Elizabeth Chua Staff Specialist Endocrinologist
Associate Professor Qihan Dong Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Xiaoyu Wang Research Fellow 
Dr Callum Baker Exercise Physiologist, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Su Su Thae Hnit Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Amber Xie Postdoctoral Fellow
James Gerofi Exercise Physiologist, Project Manager
Coco Xiaoge Huang Research Affiliate
Adelea Kee Research Affiliate

Charles Perkins Centre, RPA Clinic

María Lastra Cagigas PhD Postdoctoral Fellow
Tiana Maria Pelaia Research Assistant 

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$3,174,380 NHMRC Clinical Trial Scheme, 2020-2025
Can Flash Glucose Monitoring improve blood glucose levels in Indigenous Australians with type 2 diabetes?
Investigators: Ekinci E (CIA), Twigg (CIF) 
$2,500,000 NHMRC  Investigator Grant, 2020-2024
Food and exercise as medicine: a new medical approach for the prevention of age-related diseases.
Investigator: Fontana L (CIA)
$2,500,000 Australian Youth and Health Foundation, 2019-2024
Effects of comprehensive lifestyle modification on atherosclerosis progression in patients with coronary artery disease measured by non-invasive CT coronary angiography.
Investigator: Fontana L (CIA)
$2,500,000 MRFF, 2020-2024
Diabetes Across the Life Course: Northern Australia Partnership.
Investigators: Maple-Brown L, Ross G (Associate Investigator)
$1,925,000 Australian Youth and Health Foundation, 2022-2029
Food and exercise as medicine: education is key.
Investigator: Fontana L (CIA)
$1,920,566 NHMRC, 2020-2024
Can a pre-conception weight loss program improve maternal and infant outcomes for women with overweight or obesity? A pragmatic randomised controlled trial.
Investigators: Gordon A (CIA), Markovic (CIII)
$1,500,000 NovoNordisk, 2019-2022
Novel Biomarkers in diabetes.
Investigator: Hocking S (secondary CI)
$1,050,013 Philip Bushell Foundation, 2021-2024
Improving the outcomes of chemotherapy treatment for cancer by reducing damage to normal cells.
Investigator: Fontana L (CIA)
$750,000 The University of Sydney, 2018- current
DVC Research/Strategic Research Recruitment and Retention Program (SRRRP) Picasso (DVCR-419).
Investigator: Fontana L.
$547,202 NHMRC, 2021-2023
Characterisation of erusiolin - a new peptide hormone.
Investigators: Larance M (CIA), Hocking S (CIB)
$500,000 Diabetes Australia, 2021-2024
The Dr. Alan Stocks Kellion Victory Medal Research Program (KVMRP).
Investigator: Twigg S.
$172,442 The Reginald Ward and Adrian Cotter Foundation, 2022-2024
PACE-G (plus): Investigating further impacts of exercise on health.
Investigator: Twigg S.
$120,000 MRFF Sydney Health Partners, 2022-2023
Improving Engagement in Patients with Young Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes.
Investigators: Middleton T, Chow C, Wong J.
$60,000 Diabetes Australia/Diabetes Research Grant Program, 2020-2022
Can exercise training treat established NASH fibrosis in diabetes.
Investigators: Twigg S, Min D, Keating S, Wang X, Johnson N, Gorrell M.
$50,000 Exercise Sports Science Australia, 2022-2023
The effects of Exercise in Adults with Diabetic Foot Ulcers: The DFUEx Study.
Investigators: Johnson N, Twigg S, Baker C, Min D, Chuter V.
$38,240 The University of Sydney, 2021-2022
DVC Research COVID-19 Support Funds.
Investigator: Twigg S.
$1000 UNSW, 2022
UNSW CVMM EMCR Conference Award.
Investigator: Baker C.
$700 Australian Diabetes, 2022
ADS Travel Grant.
Investigator: Baker C.
$700 Australian Diabetes, 2022
ADC travel grant.
Investigator:  Siwan E.

Our Publications


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