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Speech Pathology Research

Speech Pathology research is largely clinically based and aimed at improving the outcomes of  patients and contributing to the evidence-base of Speech Pathology. Previous and current research encompass the clinical areas of severe burn injury, tracheostomy, critical care, head and neck cancer, clinical education, aged care, palliative care and aphasia post stroke.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$3600 SLHD Allied Health Seeding Grant, 2019-2022
Validation of incidence and predictive factors for dysphagia in older persons following severe burn injury
Investigator: Clayton NA

Our Publications


Brodsky, M. B., A. Freeman-Sanderson and M. J. Brenner (2021). "Voice, Swallow, and Airway Impairment After Late Tracheostomy: Defining Features of COVID-19 Survivorship." Laryngoscope 131(7): E2311.
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N. M. Hardingham, E. C. Ward, N. A. Clayton & R. A. Gallagher (In Press) Does the mandibular lingual release approach impact post-operative swallowing in patients with oral cavity and/or oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas: a scoping review, Speech, Language and Hearing, DOI: 10.1080/2050571X.2022.2064114
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Ridley, E. J., A. Freeman-Sanderson and K. J. Haines (2021). "Surge capacity for critical care specialised allied health professionals in Australia during COVID-19." Australian Critical Care 34(2): 191-193.

Our Presentations


Clayton, N.A., Ward, E.C., Nicholls, C., Giannone, R., Skylas, K., & Maitz, P.K. (2020). Respiratory muscle strength training (RMST) to facilitate swallow and pulmonary rehabilitation in critical care patients with severe deconditioning: A case series, Dysphagia Research Society, March, 2020, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (International virtual presentation)
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Cherie Lucas, Carolyn Hayes, Tamara Power, Caleb Ferguson, David Kennedy, Gail Forrest, Bronwyn Hemsley, Amy Freeman-Sanderson, Michelle Courtney-Harris. From RIPE to RIPE-N: Developing and implementing models to enhance interprofessional collaboration. Presented at The UTS Learning and Teaching Forum, 2020.
Freeman-Sanderson, A., Ryan, H., Clayton, N., O'Carrigan,L., Hemsley., B. Integrating learning, teaching and research on the front line: Translation of education pedagogy into speech pathology practice in a hospital setting. Presented at The UTS Learning and Teaching Forum, 2020.
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