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Concord Hospital Research

Concord Hospital is renowned for its teaching, scientific achievements and strong research roles.

The Hospital is committed to growing its health and medical research and discovery, by encouraging patient and community participation in high quality research studies and clinical trials, with the aim to making research ‘everyone’s business’. A culture of research provides a supportive environment in which research is uniformly expected, discussed, produced, and valued.

Research is supported through the key partnerships with the University of Sydney and other prestigious research entities. The ANZAC Medical Research Institute, the Asbestos Related Diseases Research Institute, the Centre for Education and Research in Ageing and the Centre for Cardiometabolic Health in Psychosis (ccCHiP) play an integral role in supporting the research at the hospital.

Concord Hospital’s research has been particularly successful in the areas of genetics, ageing, andrology, bone biology, mesothelioma, nutrition, dementia, osteoporosis/fracture prevention, diabetes and obesity, and metabolic aspects of mental disease.

The research findings from studies at Concord Hospital are widely published in medical literature. Our researchers contribute to over 365 peer-reviewed publications each year, with 30 of those being clinical trial publications. There are currently more than 120 clinical trials active at Concord Hospital and almost 65 active grants for research.

Research Departments and Services