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Haematology Research

The Concord Haematology Department delivers world-class tertiary Haematology clinical care, supported by active clinical, translational, and basic research. As one of the largest Haematology Clinical Research Units in NSW, we have recruited over 1000 patients to more than 140 trials since 2005.

Our Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is led by Dr Nicole Wong Doo (Director), Ms Jennfer Harman (Manager) and Ms Tafline Walker (Business Operations Manager). Our unit is staffed by a Clinical Coordination Division of 5 Registered Nurses and 5 Clinical Research Coordinators, all with tertiary science qualifications. Our highly skilled Business Operations Division efficiently meet our regulatory and reporting obligations, and support the team in various high-level administrative functions, in clinical trials governance and financial management. Ten haematologist investigators are supported by several clinical research fellows. 

Our broad portfolio with 28 currently recruiting trials and 32 trials in follow-up is particularly strong in trials in lymphoproliferative diseases. As a national leader in accessing emerging therapies, our unit has a high proportion of patients referred for clinical trial participation both within Sydney and across NSW and ACT. 

Our Key Research Themes and Achievements

Patient and Community Philanthropic Support

The Haematology Clinical Research Unit is supported by the Foundation for a Bloody Great Cause and their fundraising arm, the Bloody Great Committee. 2023 saw the introduction of our inaugural Bloody Great Fellow, Dr Monique Menzies-Wojtowicz, and the return of Patient Information Day, which saw over 100 patients and families attend talks by our haematologists, the Head of Infectious Diseases Associate Professor Tom Gottlieb, pharmacists, nurses and allied health professionals. Through the tremendous support of the local community, the Foundation/Committee raised over $200,000 in 2023, allowing the Unit the financial independence to support investigator-initiated and collaborative group trials and translational research. 

Planning is already underway for the signature Concord haematology clinical trials awareness and fundraising event, A Bloody Great Night Out! on Friday 18th October 2024. 

Our Research Team

Professor Judith Trotman Head of Department, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Nicole Wong Doo Haematology Clinical Research Unit Director, Consultant Haematologist
Associate Professor Vivien Chen Head Basic and Translational Research, Consultant Haematologist
Associate Professor Ilona Cunningham SLHD Clinical Director Cancer and Palliative Care, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Robin Gasiorowski Consultant Haematologist
Dr Emma Verner Consultant Haematologist 
Dr Janlyn Falconer Consultant Haematologist 
Dr Ibrahim Tohidi-Esfahani Consultant Haematologist 
Dr Marc Ellis Consultant Haematologist
Dr Praveen Gounder Locum, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Monique Menzies-Wojtowicz MBBS Clinical Trials Fellow
Dr Patrick Tunney Clinical Trials Fellow
Dr Ke Xu Clinical Trials Fellow
Jennifer Harman Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Research Unit Manager
Adeline Kintono Clinical Trial Coordinator and Registered Nurse
Alexander Wong Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Andrea Salangsang Clinical Trial Coordinator and Registered Nurse
Lailamaryam Alkhouri Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Mili Patel Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Nathan Zhou Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Raquel Hermosilla Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Sarandar Kumar Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Sylvia Chan Clinical Trial Coordinator and Registered Nurse
Trieu Huynh Clinical Trial Coordinator and Registered Nurse
Tafline Walker Business Operations Manager
Alfredo Inton Administration Officer
Amanda Li Administration Officer
Georgia Klemm Administration Officer
Ekaterina Jebelev Administration Officer

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$5,000,000 NHMRC Synergy Grant, 2020-2024
Addressing Australia’s National Transfusion Research Priorities
Investigators: Trotman J (CIG)
$2,900,000 MRFF, 2021-2024
A national, multi-centre study evaluating Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) associated with ChAdOx1 (AZD1222) and other SARS-CoV-2 vaccines (viral vector & m-RNA)
Investigators: Chen V, Tran, Passam, Phan, Wood, MacFadyen, Monagle
$2,752,967 MRFF, 2022-2026
Comparing Immunisation-boosting Regimens for COVID-19 Upon Initiation of immunosuppressive Therapies (CIRCUIT Study).
Investigators: Sasson S, Kelleher A, Petoumenos K, Davenport M, Trotman J, Brilot F, Turville S, Hamad N, Bull R, Ahlenstiel G
$2,490,422 NHMRC, 2021-2026
Preventing infections in patients with blood cancer through evidence-based use of immunoglobulin or alternatives: The RATIONALISE trial
Investigators: Wood E (CIA), McQuilten Z (CIB), Morrissey CO (CIC), Trotman J (CID), Spencer A (CIE), Opat S (CIF), Fanning L (CIG), Reynolds J (CIH), Paterson D (CII), Mulligan S (CIJ)
$1,395,000 MRFF, 2021-2026
RADAR: A randomised PET-adapted study of bleomycin-free treatment of early-stage Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Investigators: Trotman J, Wong Doo N, Radford J, Berkahn L, Barrington S, Gandhi M, Opat S, Hawkes E, Cochrane T, Johnston A
$1,225,487 MRFF, 2021-2026
Employing rational novel agent combination therapy to improve transplant cure rates for relapsed/refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Investigators: Hawkes E, Trotman J, Savage K, Keane C, Lee ST, Kuruvilla J, Cochrane T, Cheah CY, Gregory G, Johnston A
$1,000,000 NSW Cardiovascular Collaborative Grant, 2023-2025
Mechanisms of Vascular Thrombosis.
Investigators: Chen V, Passam F, Chong B, Pasalic L, Lee C, Leung H, Tohidi-Esfahani I
$659,293 MRFF, 2022-2024
Discovery of new platelet targets to improve the management of coronary artery disease.
Investigators: Passam F, Chen V, Weaver, Larance.
$193,000 NFMRI, 2022-2024
Novel Biomarker to predict thrombotic risk in myeloproliferative neoplasms.
Investigator: Chen V

Our Publications


Adattini JA, Gross AS, Doo NW, McLachlan AJ. Insights into dasatinib use and outcomes in real-world patients with chronic myeloid leukemia. Haematologica. 2023 Aug 1;108(8):2224-2228. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2022.282237.
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