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Cardiology Research

The Department of Cardiology at Concord Hospital undertakes a wide range of research in all areas of cardiovascular medicine.

We undertake studies using data from our own patients and from patients around the country that allow us to identify ways of improving patient care. Patients with heart attacks, angina, fluid build-up related to the heart (heart failure), clots in the lungs, and heart rhythm disturbances are included in these studies.

Our Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology laboratory research at the ANZAC Research Institute includes molecular research into how cells accumulate cholesterol to block arteries, how we can clear this cholesterol, and how clots form to cause heart attacks. 

Our research into the control of the microcirculation in patients having angiograms is studying how small blood vessels contribute to the blood supply of the heart. 

CONCORDANCE (ANZAC Research Institute)
A national registry for coronary care

The CONCORDANCE registry has been designed within a comparative effectiveness research (CER) framework to collect and report data from hospitals located in geographically diverse regions of Australia. Information including patient demographics, presenting characteristics, past medical history, in-hospital management and outcomes at six months and two years are entered into a web-based database using an electronic clinical record form (eCRF). Individual hospital information is returned to the sites in a real time confidential report detailing information on key performance indicator (KPI) process measures and outcomes benchmarked against the aggregated study cohort.

The CONCORDANCE registry is a clinician-driven initiative describing clinical care for ACS patients admitted to Australian hospitals. The registry generates high quality data which is fed back to clinicians, and key stakeholders in ACS care. Using a CER approach, the registry describes the translation of randomised trial evidence into practice and provides insights into strategies that could improve care and ultimately patient outcomes.

Our Research Team

Professor David Brieger Head of Department
Karice Hyun Research Staff
Tessa Garcia Research Staff

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$7,913,500 Genentech, 2021-2023
Industry project grant. RESTORE-MI trial
Investigator: Yong A (CIC)
€6,000,000 EU Horizon 2020, 2020-2022
AFFECT-EU – precision screening for atrial fibrillation
Investigator: Freedman B
$5,000,000 NHMRC Synergy Grant, 2019-2024
Investigators: Redfern J (CIA), Brieger D (CIH)
$2,727,508 NHMRC – MRFF, 2022-25
Enhancing the electronic Medical record (eMR) to BolsteR Acute Coronary syndromE care (The EMBRACE Project)
Investigator: Brieger
$1,780,000 Medical Research Futures Fund (MRFF), 2021 – 2026
SAFER-AUS Screening for AF to prevent stroke
Investigator: Freedman B (CIA)
$760,000 NSW Ministry of Health Clinician Scientist grant, 2019-2022
Cholesterol efflux capacity in at risk populations
Investigator: Kritharides L
$750,000 NSW Ministry of Health Senior Scientist Capacity Building Grant, 2021-2024
Preventing Disabling Stroke from Unknown and Undertreated Atrial Fibrillation
Investigator: Freedman B
$250,000 George Institute NHMRC Program Seed Grant Funding, 2022-2023
Maximising the benefits of the next generation of BP measurement devices 
Investigator: Gnanenthiran, S
$250,000 George Institute NHMRC Program Seed Grant Funding, 2022-2023
Formative Research for Development of a Polypill-Based Implementation Strategy for Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction in Australia
Investigator: Gnanenthiran, S
$150,000 National Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2022-2024
Drug repurposing in cardiovascular disease: strategies to improve outcomes and accelerate drug translation
Investigator: Gnanenthiran, S
$50,000 Abbott Vascular Project Grant, 2019-2022
Project grant for core lab activities
Investigator: Yong A (CIA)

Our Publications


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