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Vascular Surgery Research

From the early years of vascular surgery in Australia, Concord Repatriation General Hospital has a reputation for innovative surgical research.

In recent years, our research has focused on cross-discipline collaborative research and population-wide surgical outcomes. Our population-based research evaluates the impact of age-related illness on vascular outcomes. Collaborating with the geriatric medicine department, we have designed and evaluated the Geri-CoV service, a shared-care model designed to enhance surgical outcomes and decrease complications in older patients admitted for vascular issues.

Our focus on patient centred outcomes is developed through qualitative research projects evaluating patient experiences with chronic-limb threatening ischaemia and amputation. We also are active in a number of translational research projects, evaluating new and innovative therapies to treat vascular disease. Concord has been the lead site for multicentre trainee collaborative research trials in vascular illness, in particular the Australian lead site for the COVID-19 Vascular sERvice (COVER) study.

The unit is very engaged in teaching, both at medical student and for doctors in training. We have research projects related to medical education and development. Members of our research team have active teaching roles with the University of Sydney and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. 

Our Research Team

Dr Richard Kerdic Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Researcher, Head of Department
Dr Sarah Aitken Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Academic, Clinical Researcher, Co-chair Concord Institute of Academic Surgery
Dr Robert Tang Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Researcher, Coordinator University of Sydney MS vascular unit
Dr Saissan Rajendran Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Researcher, MPhil candidate
Dr Sue Monaro Vascular Clinical Nurse Consultant, Clinical Researcher

Our Publications


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