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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Concord Repatriation and General Hospital is a Tertiary referral unit for the breadth of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Our surgeons, each with their special interests, create expertise in specific areas clinically and leading research.

Our unit is affiliated with the University of Sydney and frequently has medical students learning the speciality of Plastic Surgery attached for intense immersions. The unit covers areas of Plastic Surgery including Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Transgender Surgery, Body Contouring after massive weight loss, Complex adult cleft and reconstructive surgery, Vascular malformations and overgrowth syndromes, Facial Re-animation, Complex Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Skin cancers, Lower limb reconstruction, General Reconstructive Surgery, and Hand surgery (both elective and trauma). All of our surgeons are involved in research.

Our Research Team

Associate Professor Peter Haertsch   Head of Plastics
Dr Peter Hayward   Plastics Consultant
Dr Gazi Hussain   Plastics Consultant
Dr Steve Merten   Plastics Consultant
Dr Ellis Choy   Plastics Consultant
Dr Justine O'Hara   Plastics Consultant
Dr Joe Dusseldorp   Plastics Consultant

Our Publications


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