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Urology Research

Concord Urology Department has an active research program with basic sciences and clinical research components which has been planned and coordinated over the past 20 years.

The unit has particular expertise in functional urology/ pelvic floor and is well known around Australia for our research in this area. We currently have two University of Sydney PhD candidates and two MPhil candidates, with grant support from Concord Cancer Centre, Continence Foundation of Australia and RACS surgical research scholarships. 

Key Research Themes 

  • Voiding dysfunction with ageing 
  • Functional outcomes following multimodality pelvic cancer treatment 
  • Post prostatectomy incontinence, evaluation and treatment
  • Development of a pelvic floor functional imaging protocol 
  • Evaluation and management of mesh complications.

Our Research Projects

Our Research Team

Professor Lewis Chan Head of Department, Staff Specialist, Lead Clinician for Concord Hospital Urology Research Program
Associate Professor Ruban Thanigasalam Staff Specialist, Lead Clinician SLHD Robotic Urology Program
Associate Professor Vincent Tse Urology Surgeon, Lead Clinician Concord Hospital Functional Urology Research Program
Associate Professor Raymond Ko Urology Surgeon, Lead Clinician for Urinary Stone Surgery
Dr Amanda Chung PhD Research Fellow, Detrusor Ultrastructure Research Group
Dr Andrew Mitterdorfer Lead Clinician for Bladder Cancer, Principal Investigator for BCG/Mitomycin trial and CxBladder trial
Dr Joshua Makary MPhil candidate, CHAMP Urology Research Program
Dr Sia Kim MPhil candidate, SLHD Robotic Urology Program (ROSE study)

Our Publications


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