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Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi artwork

Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi

Sydney Local Health District acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which we work, the Gadigal, Wangal and Bediagal people of the great EORA Nation. We pay our respect to elders past, present, and emerging and all Aboriginal people who work and visit.

Our Vision

Sydney Local Health District has a vision to have the healthiest Aboriginal Communities in Australia.

Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi - A Place to Get Better

Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi – A Place to Get Better, is a view of our whole community including health services, Aboriginal communities, families, individuals and organisations working in partnership. We want to build a strong system to improve access to equitable living conditions and lifestyle choices and a healthier future for all.

Aboriginal Health Logo

The Sydney Local Health District’s Aboriginal Health logo was created by the District’s Aboriginal Cultural Committee in coordination with our Aboriginal workforce.

The map in the centre represents the boundaries of Sydney Local Health District.

The blue lines on the map are the Parramatta River to the north and the Cooks River to the south which are two of the traditional boundaries.

The Gadigal, Wangal and Bediagal are the three clans within the boundaries of the Sydney Local Health District. They are three of the twenty-nine clans of the great EORA Nation.

The centre circle represents a pathway from the meeting place for Aboriginal people to gain access to better health care.

Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi
Artwork: Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi — A Place to Get Better
The map was created by our Aboriginal Health staff telling the story of a cultural pathway for our community to gain better access to healthcare. Artwork by Aboriginal artist Lee Hampton utilising our story.

Our District's Aboriginal significant animals

SydneyConnect Video: Our District’s Aboriginal significant animals

The Goanna or Wirriga

One of Australia’s largest lizards the goanna is found in the bush surrounding Sydney.

The Whale or Gawura

From June to October pods of Humpback whales migrate along the eastern coastline of Australia to warmer northern waters, stopping off at Watsons Bay the traditional home of the Gadigal people.

The Eel or Burra

Short-finned freshwater eels and grey Moray eels were once plentiful in the Parramatta River inland fresh water lagoons.

(Source: Sydney Language Dictionary)