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Aged Health, Chronic Care & Rehabilitation

Providing care to older people and people with disabilities, as well as rehabilitation for people recovering from illness or injury.

Allied Health

Helping people recover following illness or injury; managing chronic health conditions; and supporting children to meet their health and developmental needs.


Free, confidential support for people who are experiencing grief. 

Centre for STRONG Medicine

Exercise-based medicine to treat disease in older people.


General Practice Casualty

An urgent care service providing care for patients of all ages for acute and non-life-threatening conditions.

Hospital in The Home

Providing acute care to patients at home, in our clinics, or other settings as a substitute for in-hospital care.



Our dedicated nurses and midwives are committed to ensuring that all our patients, consumers and their families receive exceptional patient and family centred care.

Outpatient Departments

At Balmain Hospital, we have a variety of outpatient services to meet the health needs of our community without admission to hospital.



Care for patients with stroke, serious injury or who require rehabilitation after surgery or an illness of cancer treatment.

Transition Care

Providing short-term support for older people who are medically stable but who need time to complete their recovery.