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The Biogerontology Laboratory in the ANZAC Research Institute is the laboratory component of the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) at Concord Hospital. The Biogerontology Laboratory performs research into the biology of ageing and age-related diseases with a major focus on the effects of old age on the liver and the cells of the hepatic sinusoid. Our objective is to develop strategies to delay and prevent diseases of old age.

Our Research Team

Professor Victoria Cogger Head of Department
Professor David Le Couteur Research Staff
Dr Nicholas Hunt Research Staff
Glen Lockwood Research Staff

Our Research Projects

Laboratory projects

Ultrastructure of the liver microcirculation and its role in the development of cognitive disorders
Lockwood, Cogger and Le Couteur
Targeting Ageing and Disease with Nanomedicines
Cogger, Le Couteur, Kuncic, Hunt, Lockwood and McCourt
Enhancing targeting of gene therapy interventions
Westwood, Hunt, Cogger and Le Couteur

Commercial partnership work with Endoaxiom

Oral insulin 
Hunt, Cogger, Le Couteur
Prevention of Diabetes project 
Hunt, Cogger and Le Couteur

Collaborative projects

Nutrition and Complexity 
George, Simpson, Le Couteur, Gunton, Raubenheimer and Durrant-Whyte
Enhancing imaging and of the liver 
McCourt, Cogger, Huser and Le Couteur