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Our Facilities

The ANZAC Research Institute, Main Building

The Institute's state-of-the-art building creates a bright and pleasant working environment that aims to integrate work and social interaction researchers. The innovative design uses modular and flexible elements for economy and efficiency in a modern biological sciences laboratory.


ANZAC Research Institute interior
SydneyConnect Image: ANZAC Research Institute interior

Our design featured at industry seminars and has been adopted for redevelopment of the University of Sydney's Medical Foundation building. All the Institute's efforts aim to obtain similar recognition in leadership and innovation.

The building covers 2100m2 and includes an office block, animal facility and laboratory block. The office block includes research student and scientist carrels each fitted with data ports, library/reading room with hot-desk computers, all standard office and communications facilities and staff room with full kitchen facilities opening onto a courtyard with barbeque facilities.

The Bernie Banton Centre, Level 2

A major milestone in January 2009 was the opening the Bernie Banton Centre.


The Bernie Banton Centre, Concord
SydneyConnect Image: The Bernie Banton Centre, Concord

Located next door to the ANZAC Main Building, The Bernie Banton Centre houses an extension to the ANZAC Research Institute on the upper floor. The upper floor contains a meeting room, dry lab office area and wet laboratories.

The ANZAC shares this building with the Asbestos Disease Research Institute (ADRI), which occupies the ground floor.

Microscope and Flow Facility

The ANZAC Research Institute has a Microscope and Flow Facility that provides support for scientists and their research at the institute. The facility has a range of imaging and cytometry equipment that is utilised for ongoing research projects.

The facility equipment is staffed by experienced personnel who can provide training and support to users. The facility is also available to external researchers on a fee-for-service basis.

The Microscopy and Flow Facility is used by researchers at the ANZAC Research Institute to conduct a wide range of research, including:

  • Studying the development and progression of diseases, such as cancer and dementia.
  • Developing new drugs and therapies.
  • Understanding the function of cells and tissue.

The facility is an essential resource for researchers at the ANZAC Research Institute and plays a vital role in the advancement of biomedical research.