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Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships

District congratulates recipients of awards and scholarships.

An award recipient posing for a photo with two executives.
SydneyConnect Image: Winner of the Clinician Researcher Scholarship, Min Jiat Teng​​​​

The recipients of the Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships were named during a special ceremony at the opening day of the Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium during the District's Innovation Week.

The awards and scholarships celebrate and encourage research excellence across the organisations in the Sydney Research partnership.

The Annual Health Research Infrastructure Award is an early career researcher award that recognises an individual with high research potential in basic science research.

Winner: Dr Joanneke Maitz, Rejuvenating patients' own skin cells for the treatment of burn injuries.

The Clinician Researcher Scholarship is designed to encourage and support clinicians seeking to pursue a clinical research career.

Winner: Min Jiat Teng, Evaluating a virtual clinic for people with simple fractures.

The Health Informatics Research Scholarship, supported by VOIP, aims to encourage research into how clinicians, academics and researchers can work with health information and communication technology to improve delivery of care and outcomes for patients.

Winner: Daniel John Babekuhi, AI-driven innovations for sustaining organs outside the body for up to two weeks between transplantation.

The Research Excellence Award for Best Publication recognises the best publication in a high impact journal.

Winners: Professor Richard Scolyer, Associate Professor Alexander Menzies and Professor Georgina Long, Pathological response and survival with neoadjuvant therapy in melanoma: a pooled analysis from the International Neoadjuvant Melanoma Consortium.

The Research Supervisor Award recognises the outstanding achievements of a research supervisor.

Winner: Professor Cathie Sherrington, Institute for Musculoskeletal Health.

The Young Researcher Award recognises outstanding performance from an early career researcher.

Winner: Dr Rebekah Ahmed, Staff Specialist Neurologist, RPA and Brain and Mind Centre.

The Cardiovascular Postgraduate Scholarship, supported by the Heart Research Institute, is designed to encourage postgraduate students at University of Sydney undertaking research into the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Winner: Niv Vigder, Honours Student, The University of Sydney.

A special Emerging Cardiovascular Researcher - Education Scholarship, also supported by the Heart Research Institute, was awarded to an emerging researcher to pursue educational opportunities.

Winner: Dr Seshika Ratwatte, PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney.

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