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New recruits join District

Graduate doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health clinicians welcomed.

Man in full scrubs standing in front of hospital emergency bay
SydneyConnect Image: New staff join the District

More than 100 medical graduate interns have joined Sydney Local Health District this year, with graduate Registered Nurses and Midwives plus Allied Health clinicians also welcomed to the ranks.

“They are beginning their careers during a crucial time and will provide valuable support for our teams during our ongoing COVID-19 response,” Dr Teresa Anderson, the District’s Chief Executive said.

Interns are medical graduates who have completed their medical degree and are required to complete a supervised year of practice in order to become independent practitioners.

The new doctors will complete a comprehensive orientation program before beginning an on-the-job training program. They’ll work across RPA, Balmain and Dubbo hospitals, with others employed across Canterbury, Concord and Broken Hill hospitals.

The interns will join different units in each hospital, including surgery and emergency medicine.

“Our interns will receive clinical training across a range of medical specialities which will enhance their skills and knowledge, with support provided by our experienced healthcare teams,” Dr Andrew Hallahan, the District's Executive Director of Medical Services, said.

More than 230 graduate Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives will also join the District and will be employed across Balmain, Canterbury, Concord and RPA hospitals, plus Sydney District Nursing, Drug Health Services, Mental Health Services and Tresillian.

“Our supported and facilitated programs provide opportunities to work across a range of clinical specialties to develop and consolidate skills, knowledge and practice,” Laura Johns, the District’s Acting Workforce Nurse Manager, said.

And, 34 Allied Health graduates – physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, social workers and speech pathologists – will also join the District working across Balmain Canterbury, Concord and RPA hospitals plus Child and Family Health Services.

“They’ll participate in a training program which aims to support new graduates with the transition from student to health professional by further developing their knowledge, skills and confidence in key professional areas,” Sarah Whitney, the District's Director of Allied Health, said.