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International Cleaners Day

District shows its appreciation for Environmental Services staff.

Two cleaners pose for a photo outside their Environmental Services office.
SydneyConnect Image: Environmental Services staff Metchie Cano and Salome Overs

Environmental Services staff are the backbone of patient and family centred care in Sydney Local Health District.

Today is International Cleaners Day, which is an opportunity to recognise and show appreciation for all of the Environmental Services staff who work in hospitals, services and facilities across the District.

Metchie Cano and Salome Overs are two of the more than 430-strong Environmental Services team across the District who provide a clean and comfortable experience for patients, their families, staff and visitors.

They chose to join the team two years ago, because of the nature of the work — helping people and keeping the community safe.

"It's a big responsibility, caring for the wellbeing of a patient," Metchie, who is a member of the Environmental Services team at RPA's Emergency Department, said.

"We have to be careful and make sure everything is tidy and organised. We make sure they [patients] have everything they need to get better."

Colleague Salome, who works in the hospital's Diabetes Department, added "We are making it safe for everyone and get a lot of satisfaction from what we do."

"I feel appreciated [because] patients and staff are very happy with our work."

The Environmental Services team has a direct impact on each patient's healthcare journey, ensuring hygiene and safety is maintained daily.

Over the past two years, their infection control work has been critical in reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19, keeping buildings clean to protect patients, staff and the community.

"Through the pandemic we worked hard and provided everything needed for the efficient running of the hospital," said Metchie.

Ljubica Alexksoska has been working in the team for more than 35 years.

"I love my job. There's lots of good experiences and everyone is always nice and happy. It's like a family."

Gayathry Vellangalloor Srinivasan, RPA's Environmental Services Manager, is full of praise for her team.

"The team give 100 per cent, day in and out. They are committed and take lots of pride in what they do," she said.