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Veteran's new lease on life

Maurie's new found independence after treatment at the National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare.

Man sitting in a motorised scooter
SydneyConnect Image: Vietnam veteran Maurie

Vietnam veteran Maurie is grateful for the treatment and support he's received at the National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare (NCVH) for his mental and physical illnesses.

For more than six years, he's been unable to make the trip of less than 500 metres from his home in Balmain to the local park.

A team of clinicians at the NCVH, including physiotherapists and psychologists, worked with him to get him mentally and physically able to leave his house.

Based at Concord Hospital, the NCVH provides Australia's first comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to care for veterans' physical and mental health related illnesses.

Veterans are linked with a case manager who works alongside clinicians, from a range of specialist services, to assess and manage the veterans' needs, along with their families and/or carer(s).

With the assistance of a new motorised scooter, Maurie made it to the park before Christmas last year to enjoy the view.

"I'm so damn happy," he said and is now planning to ride to the local newsagency to get a paper and visit the park as part of his weekly routine.

Case Manager Johanna Castle said Maurie's positive outcome is an example of how the NCVH works to improve veterans' physical and mental wellbeing and quality of life.

"Maurie has a new lease on life since his treatment at NCVH. The motorised scooter has given him back his independence and this freedom has made a huge impact on his mental health and wellbeing," she said.

Maurie is thankful for the supportive treatment he received at NCVH and is now also keen to organise a family picnic to watch his grandchildren play.

A new home for the NCVH is under development as part of Concord Hospital's $341 million redevelopment which is set to be completed this year.

For more information and referral information, visit ncvhconcord.com.au, email SLHD-NCVHConcord@health.nsw.gov.au or phone 02 9767 8669.