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COVID-19 online check-in milestone

District's digital check-in system simplifies COVID-19 testing.

Man with a mask on holding a phone and a piece of paper
SydneyConnect Image: Check in online

Close to 100,000 people tested at Sydney Local Health District’s COVID-19 clinics have chosen to check-in online, since a digital system was launched – saving valuable time for patients and clinic staff.

More than 80 per cent of people have selected online check-in, via slhd.nsw.gov.au/C19Testing, rather than a paper form, since the system launched in July 2020.

“Having everyone use paper forms was clunky. People were anxious about getting tested, so they weren’t concentrating on what they were filling out. They would miss some of their details, which made it much harder to get results to people,” Paula Williams, Acting Nurse Unit Manager at RPA’s COVID-19 clinic, said.

“The online check-in system ensures people complete their details. It’s stress-free for everyone, knowing that their details will be there when we need them. It saves our patients a lot of time,” she said.

The benefits are even greater for people who need to get tested more than once, like Alex Peacock, a nurse who works at one of the District’s COVID-19 clinics and has made the switch to digital.

“I work in a high-risk area, so I get surveillance tested every week. I only had to enter my details once, and they were saved so I don’t have to waste time repeatedly filling out paper forms. It feels much less risky and reduces any anxiety about infection risks from pens and clipboards,” he said. 

Online check-in is available at all of the District’s COVID-19 clinics, including drive-through clinics at Sydney Olympic Park, Rozelle, Roselands and Summer Hill.

“Our staff can spend more time checking details instead of writing them down. Overall, people can be in and out of testing much more quickly,” Jessica Pavlidis, a Team

Leader at the Summer Hill drive-through COVID-19 clinic, said.

Staff, patients and their families planning to get tested can enter their details online via slhd.nsw.gov.au/C19Testing before they get to any of the District’s COVID-19 clinics.