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Sydney Institute for Women, Children and their Families Research

The Institute carries out its own research projects, supports research projects being undertaken by members of the Affiliate Network, and is affiliated with large scale research projects. The Institute also provides placement projects to university students.

Institute projects

  • Evaluation for Inner West Child Health and Wellbeing Plan
  • Identifying barriers and enablers faced by emerging, early, to mid-career researchers
  • LifeLab Sydney
  • Rapid review into equity issues for telehealth

Institute supported projects 

  • BABY1000
  • Cultural considerations for web-based Healthy Beginnings
  • EASE-Out Trial
  • Low carbohydrate breakfast for gestational diabetes
  • Promoting social connectedness in culturally and linguistically diverse women in the perinatal period
  • Systematic review into rapid infant weight gain

Institute affiliated projects

  • Breastfeeding education research
  • Child protection and domestic violence projects
  • CRE for Integrated Care
  • Creating spaces to increase engagement and expectations of Dads
  • Externalising behaviour – a partnership between health and education
  • Healthy Beginnings
  • Healthy Homes and Neighbourhoods
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing
  • PreBabe
  • Predicting spontaneous preterm birth with machine learning techniques
  • Tidda-links

Our Research Support Services

The Institute provides a wide variety of research support services to its Affiliate Network. These support services build research capacity, help to enable research, drive collaboration, and foster a supportive research environment.

Institute Consumer Connect Looking for consumer feedback on your research idea or protocol? Let the Institute connect you with a suitable District based consumer group for the chance to present your research to consumers.
Institute Grant Review and Ideas Development Panel This expert Panel, coordinated by the Institute, are here to give feedback on grant applications and help develop your research ideas. Panel meetings are held 2-3 times per year, and this service is particularly focused on support early career researchers.
Institute Seed Funding Program Competitive seed funding grant opportunities are provided by the Institute annually, with applications open to affiliates employed within the District. In 2022, $90,000 was awarded across four projects.
Student Placements The Institute Student Placement Program (available to District affiliates) is run twice yearly and provides affiliates with additional support to their research and opportunities to increase their supervisory skills. 
Institute Mentorship Program Our Mentorship Program pairs affiliates for a period of six months, and pairs are individually tailored to the mentor and mentee needs.
Research Networking Meetings Meeting with other members of the Affiliate Network is a great way to build connections, find opportunities and learn about what others are working on. The Institute hosts these meetings every second month, so there is plenty of opportunity to join.
Early to Mid-Carer Researcher Support All affiliates have access to the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) at the University of Sydney Early to Mid-Career Research (EMCR) Network. Affiliates can attend the CPC EMCR Network events, join workshops, and meet with other members.
Educational Webinars

The Institute hosts webinars with a focus on research relevant to women, children and their families. Join our webinars to keep up to date with research activities, learn vital information relating to your area of work, and broaden your knowledge of research.

To find out more about our services or to join our mailing list for the latest updates, please contact us at SLHD-SydneyInstituteforWCF@health.nsw.gov.au

Our Publications

The Institute an its Affiliate Network report on publishing close to 400 papers related to the health and social wellbeing of women, children and their families each year. Below is a snapshot of the most recent publications in our network. 


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