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RPA Hospital ca. 1885

RPA Museum

Founded in 1933, the RPA Museum is dedicated to collecting,

recording and preserving the cultural heritage of Australia's

leading hospital –  Royal Prince Alfred

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Did you know?

King George V Building 1941

Did you know the King George V Building is shaped like it is because of two pubs? The two gardens to the north and south east wings originally housed pubs that were not owned by RPA. The maternity hospital was designed to accommodate their presence, until such time as they could be purchased.

Nightingale Ward RPA

Did you know Florence Nightingale was consulted during the design phase of RPA? The establishment of the Prince Alfred Hospital presented a unique opportunity to build a clean and well-designed hospital, staffed with trained nurses, and the most modern medical systems and processes. Florence had many suggestions to make including the installation of Nightingale Wards, and sent a copy of her newly-published (1860) 'Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is Not', which is today displayed in the RPA Museum.

RPA open air wards

Did you know RPA had open air wards? Open air wards were constructed to accommodate patients during a 1912 redevelopment and expansion. Verandah wards were also used to house returned solders in 1917. Multiple building verandah's were used by the hospital over the years as isolation wards for 'tubercular patients' and other infectious diseases, and for additional ward space.

Historical Walking Tour Sign

RPA Historical Walking Tour

Follow a nine stop self-guided walking tour exploring the history and heritage of RPA.

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Open Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am-2pm.

RPA Museum display
RPA Museum display
RPA Museum display