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Sydney Dental Hospital Research

The Sydney Dental Hospital and Sydney Local Health District Oral Health Service are committed to advancing scientific knowledge and improving the oral health of our patients.

We strongly believe that oral health is an integral aspect of general health. Our focus is to be part of multidisciplinary health research to improve health and well being of our population.

Sydney Local Health District is a partner of the Australian Centre for Integration of Oral Health (ACIOH), Australia's leading national research centre in integrated oral health care and translational research. This research partnership will help improve the delivery of integrated and family centred oral health care to patients accessing healthcare in the District and the delivery of a streamlined and efficient public oral health services.

Our Goals

  • To position Sydney Dental Hospital as a high-quality, multidisciplinary research institute in addition to its community service provider role.
  • To encourage research and promote a culture of evidence based clinical practice within the Oral Health Service.
  • To strengthen and improve the integration of basic, translational, and clinical research.

Our Key Research Themes

Selected Grants

Amount awarded

Grant and project details


Centre for Oral Health Strategy, NSW Ministry of Health, 2021-2022

Developing and evaluating an evidence-based Diabetes oral health (DIOH) training program for Diabetes Educators.

Investigators: George A, Poudel P, Lau P, Calache H, Griffiths R, Wong V, Arora A, Darby I, Martin R, Boyce E


Raine Foundation Healy Research Collaboration Award, 2021-2022

Barriers and incentives to accessing digital oral health resources: Caregivers and health providers’ perspectives.

Investigators: Estai M, Arora A, Micheal S, Silva M, Wallace R, Andrews L, Ohan J


Drug Health Services, South Western Sydney Local Health District, 2021-2022

Addressing Health Literacy issues in Drug Health Services.

Investigator: Arora A


Australian Society of Orthodontist Foundation for Research and Education, 2021

DClinDent Postgraduate Research studies.

Investigator: Darendililer A


SoHS Collaborative Multidisciplinary Group and Partnership Grant (with Colgate Palmolive Pty. Ltd), 2021-2022

Enablers and barriers to accessing and implementing Bright Smiles Bright Futures (BSBF) Program in NSW primary and preschool settings.

Investigators: Arora A, Cartwright S, Sanagavarapu P, White R, Micheal S, Chandio N, Parmar J


ADRF/Straumann Grant, 2021

Development and investigation of a new 3D-printed biofilm chamber to investigate biofilm formation at implants.

Investigators: Luo D, O'Neill O, Spahr A


SoHS Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Grant, Western Sydney University, 2021

Student peer support for improving engagement, retention, and learning outcomes in public health and health sciences education.

Investigators: Arora A, Dune T, Michael S, Alford S, Lim D, Chimoriya R


Research Theme Grant Assistance Scheme 2021, Western Sydney University, 2021

Childhood overweight/obesity prevention and management in dental settings.

Investigators: Arora A, Li L, Chimoriya R

Our Publications


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