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Public Health Research

A key role of the Public Health Unit relates to our statutory responsibilities under the NSW Public Health Act 2010 and associated regulations to protect the health of the population. 

In addition, the Public Health Unit conducts applied and translational research across a range of areas of public health. We collaborate with researchers at NSW Health, public health units in other districts, universities, laboratories, hospitals, and other government agencies. Much of the Public Health Unit's applied research relates to investigations of public health incidents or outbreaks.

Our Research Team

The Public Health Unit research team is comprised of a multidisciplinary workforce that works together to research public health issues. The team consists of staff specialists, public health nurses, public health registrars, public health officers, epidemiologists, environmental health officers and our administrative team. The team collaborates across Sydney Local Health District and with our external partners to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded

Grant and project details


NHMRC Special Initiative in Human Health and Environmental Change, 2021-2026
Healthy Environments And Lives (HEAL) - National Research Network on Human Health and Environmental Change.

Investigators: Vardoulakis, S., et al (incl. Knibbs, L,D.)

Our Publications


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Our Presentations


Cavanagh, K., & McNeill, T. (2023, June). Hepatitis B Pathways to Care: Collaboration between Public Health and Specialist Services. Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference.

Knibbs, L., & Van Buskirk, J. (2023, July). Local Health Matters – Mapping Health. Sydney Innovation & Research Symposium.

Leena Gupta. (2023, July). Vaping: How do we Prevent the Next Public Health Emergency? Sydney Innovation & Research Symposium.

McNeill, T. (2023, June). Epidemiology of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD). Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference.