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Balmain Hospital Research

Balmain Hospital’s innovation and research involves continually learning, evaluating, improving and thinking in new ways.

Health and medical research aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people and is undertaken in a complex environment. It draws on our knowledge of the body and the environment to find ways to identify, cure and prevent disease, reduce injury and disability, improve the delivery of health services and help us to lead healthier lives.

Our culture, management and business processes support research, evaluation and innovation. Balmain Hospital is a leader in the provision of aged care and rehabilitation services. The hospital is focused on its collaborative networks and continues to promote Balmain Hospital as a preferred site for aged care and rehabilitation research. The hospital engages with patients, families and consumers meaningfully to ensure opportunities to participate in research and clinical trials.

The Centre for STRONG Medicine is a leading research facility. STRONG uses exercise-based medicine to treat disease in older people. Diseases which are specifically targeted by STRONG Medicine include conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, depression, stroke, osteoporosis and diabetes. It is the first centre of its kind in Australia and has been serving inpatients and outpatients at Balmain Hospital since 1999.

Our Publications


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Clinical Trials