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2023 People Matter Employee Survey reports

Our People Matter
SydneyConnect Image: Our Pharmacy Staff

Between 21 August and 15 September 2023, staff were invited to take part in the People Matter Employee Survey.

A record 6356 staff completed the survey, which is 51 per cent of our workforce, the highest response our District recorded since the People Matter Employee Survey began.

For another consecutive year, Sydney Local Health District has topped the list. This year we had the highest scores, except for response rate, across all local health districts on every theme in the survey.

  • 73 per cent of surveyed staff said "I'm proud to tell others where I work"
  • 87 per cent of surveyed staff said "I understand what is expected of me to do well in my job"
  • 74 per cent of surveyed staff said "I feel I belong in my organisation"
  • 76 per cent of surveyed staff said "my job gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment"

In 2023, the District had:

  • an engagement score of 67 per cent (which was 4 per cent higher than the NSW Health average)
  • a culture score of 66 per cent (1 per cent higher than last year)
  • flexible working as a theme attracted positive feedback from 57 per cent of staff (an increase of 2 per cent on the previous year)
  • diversity and inclusion was a significant theme, with 80 per cent of our staff saying "Personal background, like my culture, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation, is not a barrier to my participation in our workplace"
  • learning and development was also a significant theme in 2023, with 72 per cent of staff saying, "I have received the training and development I need to do my job well", an increase from the previous year
  • 91 per cent of staff understands what ethical behaviour means within their workplace
  • 87 per cent of staff said they support our organisation's values
  • 81 per cent of staff said "People in my workgroup treat each other with respect"
  • 72 per cent of staff said "I have confidence in the decisions my manager makes" which is an increase from the previous year and 4 per cent higher than the NSW Health average


You said. We did.

In previous surveys, your great ideas and feedback turned into meaningful strategies and actions.

You said staff need to feel they belong, acknowledged, included and valued for the contribution they bring to Sydney Local Health District

We have:

  • developed our Workforce Strategic Plan 2023-28 to guide a workforce that represents the diverse community we serve and supports an inclusive workplace
  • launched the Aboriginal Workforce Action Plan 2023-28 to grow and develop our Aboriginal workforce, supporting our path to having the healthiest Aboriginal community in Australia
  • celebrated diversity in our District, participating in Sydney WorldPride and Harmony Day, and established an all staff education forum which includes LGBTIQ+ sensitivity training
  • formed a Workforce Diversity and Inclusion vision, with dedicated resources enabling strategies that support our Carers, LGBTIQ+, Veterans, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse staff and community members

You said more staff need to feel they can keep work stress at an acceptable level, and have a greater sense of wellbeing

We have:

  • extended the successful MDOK program for medical doctors to MyDistrictOK, making physical, psychological, and social wellbeing initiatives available to all staff via the MyDistrictOK Wellbeing Hub
  • supported staff to take an additional 300,000 hours of annual leave, especially for staff where it was long overdue
  • implemented Health Rostering best practices to ensure staff leave, including excessive leave and ADOs, are rostered fairly and efficiently

You said more staff need to feel fair and equitable recruitment and employment decisions are made by the District 

We have:

  • implemented international recruitment campaigns with advertising and social media activity and initiatives to attract new staff
  • launched an award-winning LinkedIn strategy to attract new talent to our District
  • established new District and facility-based talent pools to streamline and maximise recruitment opportunities for our talent
  • engaged with managers to ensure contemporary recruitment practices and values are aligned to our District's vision through convenor training

You said more staff need additional support for access to training and professional development to enable progression

We have:

  • launched Sydney Education to continue improving the skills development and education available to all staff
  • launched the Sydney Education Strategic Plan 2023-28 focused on continuing to develop a wide range of innovative professional development opportunities.
  • renewed focus on staff development and education opportunities to assist with career progression after COVID-19 pandemic response activity interruptions.
  • prioritised staff development and education opportunities, providing more than 25,000 days of education and professional development.