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Drug Health Services Research

The Edith Collins Centre (ECC) is a Translational Research in Alcohol Drugs and Toxicology, established to increase clinical research capacity in the alcohol, drugs and toxicology fields as a partnership between Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney.

Our multi-disciplinary research ranges from early interventions for drug and alcohol use, genetic and molecular mechanisms of tissue injury, clinical trials in the treatment of substance use disorders, and encompasses a broad range of disciplines including clinical toxicology, addiction medicine, public health, epidemiology, hepatology, mental health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The Centre comprises several highly successful research groups conducting nationally and internationally leading work in these areas, achieving world-first outcomes in their fields, including the establishment of notable international collaborations and consortia and large multi-national cohorts. The work is mainly supported by external peer-reviewed grants. ECC Staff Specialists also provide leadership and teaching in the Speciality of Addiction Medicine at the University of Sydney.

Specifically, our research is aligned across the following five key areas of research:

  • Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology (Professor Andrew Dawson, Professor Nick Buckley, Associate Professor Darren Roberts)
  • Indigenous Health and Substance Use (Professor Kate Conigrave, Associate Professor Kylie Lee, Dr Michael Doyle)
  • Alcohol Biology, and Genetics of Liver Disease (Associate Professor Devanshi Seth, Professor Paul Haber)
  • Clinical Research in Alcohol, Addictive Behaviours & Treatment (Associate Professor Kirsten Morley, Professor Paul Haber, Professor Andrew Baillie, Dr Warren Logge)
  • Illicit Drug Use (Associate Professor Carolyn Day)

Drug Health Services Research has a number of Translational Research projects that aim to increase uptake of evidence-based treatment. These projects are funded by NHMRC and NSW Health and include: increasing uptake of evidence-based treatment for alcohol problems in Australia's First Peoples, improving the management of comorbid mental health and substance use with an integrated approach (including a multi-modal training package to several sites across NSW Health LHD's) and a shared care pathway for the treatment of alcohol use disorders in primary care. 

Key Research Areas

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$3,722,731 NHMRC, 2021 - 2023
Emerging Drugs Network of Australia: a coordinated toxicosurveillance system of illicit drug use in Australia to enable rapid detection and harm reduction responses via an Early Warning System
Investigators: Fatovich D, Soderstrom J, Dawson A, Alfred S, Greene S, Isorardi K, Pulbrook L, McCutcheon D, Oosthuize
$3,000,000 NHMRC, 2020 -2025
A Centre of Research Excellence for Integrated Community Care of People with Complex Multi - morbidities
Investigators: Eastwood, Hiscock, Goldfield, Gillespie, Haber, de Leeuw, Katz, Page, Schneider, Cunich
$2,614,769 NHMRC, 2021-2025
Better data on methamphetamine s and other drugs among Indigenous Australians to inform policy and practice.
Investigators: Lee KSK, Wilson S, Conigrave K, Chikritzhs T, Hayman N, Dawson A, Ali R, Conigrave J, Fitts M
$2,530,928 NHMRC CRE, 2017-2023
A Centre for Research Excellence: Building Indigenous research capacity to find solutions to alcohol problems
Investigators: Conigrave K, Wilson S, Shakeshaft A, Hayman N, Haber P, Lee K, Ivers R, Doran C, Clifford A. 
$2,500,000 NHMRC, 2020 -2025
NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines Intelligence
Investigators: Pearson SA, Pratt N, Buckley N, Preen D, Degenhardt L, Van Gool K, Vajdic C, Jorm L, Wilson A, Henry D
$1,329,000 NHMRC/Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies, 2021-2025
A randomised controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine for the treatment of alcohol use disorder
Investigators: Baillie A, Morley K, Haber P, Slade T
$798,652 NSW Ministry of Health, 2021-2023
How does longacting depot buprenorphine impact on the high-risk post-release period for people with opioid dependence – The Release Study
Investigators: Dunlop, Roberts, Lintzeris, Haber, Ezard, Maher, McEntyre, White, Doyle, Graham
$607,264 NHMRC Investigator Grant, Emerging Leadership 1 , 2022-2026
Alcohol treatment for Aboriginal men in and out of prison
Investigators: Doyle M
$557,797 National Healthy and Medical Research Council (Partnership grant) , 2020-2024
A Managed Alcohol Program for Australia
Investigators: N Ezard, T Stockwell, K Dolan, E Baldry, C Day, T Dobbins, A Dunlop, A Peacock, J Brett.
$525,000 Australian Research Data Commons, 2021-2023
Boosting public health research with a national poisoning dataset
Investigators: Cairns R, Wright N, Elliott R, Wylie C, Lynch AM, Dawson A, Greene S, Isoardi K, Armstrong J, Buckley N, Chiew A, Huynh A, Brown J.
$480,978 NHMRC, 2021-2023
Disentangling the interrelationship between multimordibity, multimedicine use, and cardiovascular health
Investigators: Schaffer A, Pearson SA, Buckley NA, Falster M, Brieger D, Abrahamowicz M, Daniels B
$417,500 NHMRC/MRFF Practitioner Fellowship, 2019-2023
Novel treatment for alcohol use disorder
Investigators: Haber PS
$196,973 NHMRC, 2019-2023
The eCliPSE Project: implementing evidence-based eHealth interventions for comorbid mental health and alcohol/other drug use problems into health and community settings
Investigators: Morley KC (CIG) 

Our Publications


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