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Allied Health

Diversional Therapy

Diversional Therapists provide assessments and interventions for suitable leisure activities – positive experiences, activity substitution for previous/identified unwanted activities, opportunities for improved social interactions, concentration, sensory input, strength and co-ordination and balance.


Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologist assesses physical condition and restrictions on participation in exercise and provide exercises based on treatment to assist in restoring optimal physical function, health and wellness. 

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our Dietitian provides assessment and management. This includes nutrition assessment and psychoeducation and supports positive behaviours towards food and a nutrition intake.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist provide person centred, collaborative problem solving therapy to enable clients to participate and perform daily activities to a satisfactory and effective level.


Our Physiotherapist conducts assessments of physical condition, musculoskeletal impairments and functional restrictions and provide management/rehabilitation for physical, musculoskeletal and functional impairments, including pain management. 

Social Work

Social Workers assess and provide social work interventions for clients, their partners and families. A comprehensive psycho-social assessment will be conducted for all clients referred to Social Work.  


Clinical Neuropsychology

Our Neuropsychology service offers comprehensive neuropsychological assessments evaluating cognitive function, diagnostic decision-making, and rehabilitation planning.


Our staff offer one-on-one feedback sessions to provide results of neuropsychological assessment and psychoeducation, as well as a regular six-week group cognitive intervention program.


The neuropsychologist works closely with the multidisciplinary team during your care. 


Drug Health

Our Drug Health service provides consultation and advice for assessment, management and referral of clients with substance use disorders in the veteran population. Drug Health clinicians (Medical and Clinical Psychology) will contribute to the multidisciplinary team during your care and plans beyond the service.


Mental Health

The NCVH intake process incorporates screening assessments to identify areas that require targeted clinical, discipline-specific interventions. Case managers will facilitate referrals to psychiatry for medical management and clinical psychology for targeted mental health (PTSD, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders), pain and substance-use targeted psychological interventions. 


Referrals may also be made for neurocognitive assessments. Mental Health clinicians (Medical and Clinical Psychology) will provide consultation and management advice and contribute multidisciplinary team planning during your care.


Pain Medicine

Assessment and screening of new clients to identify significant pain issues. Pain Medicine clinicians (Medical and Clinical Psychology) provide consultation and pain management advice and contribute to multidisciplinary team planning meetings. Clinicians work with clients to promote patient autonomy in self-management of chronic pain and reducing opioid dependency.  


Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine clinicians provide rehabilitation assessments, consultation and management advice and contributes to multidisciplinary team planning meetings during your care. They work closely with allied health services to prepare a formulated rehabilitation plan.