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Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships

Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships

The Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships Program celebrates and encourage research excellence across the organisations in the Sydney Research partnership.

The award and scholarship recipients will present and be announced as part of Sydney Local Health District’s annual Innovation and Research Symposium, 4-5 July 2024.

There are four awards and scholarships to be awarded to celebrate and encourage research excellence. 

We are accepting applications for the Annual Health Informatics Research Infrastructure Award, Clinician Researcher Scholarship and Health Informatics Researcher Scholarship. Some of the awards and scholarships offer up to $120,000 over a three-year period.

If you know of a supervisor, colleague or collaborator that should also be recognised – nominate them for the Young Researcher Award, Research Supervisor Award, or Research Excellence Award.

Entries now closed for the 2024 Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships.

Annual Health Research Infrastructure Award

A one-off, funded, early career researcher award recognising an individual with high research potential in basic science research. $10,000 in funds are awarded to assist with the purchase, installation, maintenance and hire/lease of equipment costs associated with a basic science research project.

Clinician Researcher Scholarship

Designed to encourage and support clinicians seeking to pursue a clinical research career. The scholarship is funded by members of Sydney Research and allows for a full-time clinician to apply for up to $40,000 per annum (up to three consecutive years) towards providing dedicated research time in their workplace whilst undertaking further education and research in health and medicine.

Research Supervisor Award

Recognising the best Research Supervisor over 2023-24 across the Sydney Research collaboration. Submissions for this award are by nomination.

Young Researcher Award

Recognising a superstar up-and-coming researcher, who is a high-achiever and making an impact across the sector. Submissions for this award are by nomination.

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The Sydney Research Awards and Scholarships are part of the Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium Day Two program on Friday 5 July at the Seymour Centre. Register here

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