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Each year with support from our amazing partners Sydney Innovation Week creates opportunities to inspire, dream big and learn.

Woman speaking behind a lectern
SydneyConnect Image: Dr Leena Gupta, Clinical Director, Public Health

For more than a decade we have brought together some of the brightest minds in health, medical research, tech and community to share ideas and forge new collaborations.

Past events have featured more than:

200 presenters
3500 tickets booked
1500 virtual viewers
over 5 days

Sydney Local Health District celebrates Sydney Innovation Week – a festival of ideas and a showcase of the work of our staff and partners.

Coming Together, Building Together

Aboriginal Artist Lee Hampton, Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium 2022
SydneyConnect Image: Artist Lee Hampton at the 2022 Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium

At the 2022 Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium Lee Hampton joined us as artist in residence to create Coming Together, Building Together.
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