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Community Paediatrics Research

Community Paediatrics undertakes research in relation to infants, children, young people (up to age 25 years) and their families, homes, schools and communities. 

Our Research Focus

  • Integration of health and other services to deliver preventative care in the community
  • Hospital avoidance
  • Environmental, social and intergenerational factors that contribute to child youth and family health and wellbeing
  • Vulnerable child youth and family populations
  • Social media and parenting communication strategies
  • Prevention, early intervention and community management of child and youth development, behaviour and mental health problems
  • Integration of government and non-government services
  • Protection from trauma, injury and violence.

Selected Grants

Amount awarded Grant and project details
$2,500,000 NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE), 2020-2024
Integrated Community care for People with complex Multi-Morbidities
Investigators: Eastwood J (CIA) et al.
$2,495,365 NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE), 2019-2023
CRE in Childhood Adversity and Mental Health
Investigators: Hiscock H, Jorm A, Goldfeld S, Fisher J, Eastwood J, Reupert A, Sanci L, Yap M, Dalziel K, Eapen V.

Our Publications


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