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Forensic mental health consumers will soon receive rehabilitation treatment in a new, purpose-built facility at the Concord Centre for Mental Health as part of the NSW Government’s state-wide investment in mental health.  

Located adjacent to Concord Hospital, Burudyara will expand on the Centre’s existing forensic mental health services, providing low and medium secure mental health beds.

An artist impression of a building
Artist impression of the Burudyara facility

Forensic mental health is a specialist area of the mental health system that provides assessment, care and treatment to people with mental illness who are, or have been, in contact with the criminal justice system. 

Part of the NSW Government’s $700 million State-wide Mental Health Infrastructure Program, construction of the facility is due for completion by late 2025. Delivery of the new facility is a partnership between Health Infrastructure and Sydney Local Health District. 

Facility name

The name Burudyara was proposed during detailed co-design consultation with people with lived experience of forensic mental health services, as well as Sydney Local Health District Aboriginal staff and local elders. 

Burudyara means ‘butterfly’ and follows a positive theme of transformation. The name ties in with the proposed incorporation of an Indigenous depiction of a butterfly within the decoration of the facility.

Sydney Local Health District has made a commitment to improved health outcomes for Aboriginal people characterised by respect and close collaboration. The name Burudyara is in line with NSW Health’s approach to building a stronger connection between our facilities and the land on which they are built.

Planning and design

Currently in the planning phase, Burudyara is a low and medium secure facility with therapeutic and recovery-oriented practices and procedures that focus on acknowledging the unique needs of each individual. 

Extensive consultation with staff, carers and people with lived experience of mental health issues has been central to the planning and design process to ensure delivery of appropriate and contemporary models of care. 

An artist impression of a building
Artist impression of the Burudyara facility

Once completed, Burudyara will be a secure, modern, and welcoming place for staff, consumers and visitors. 

The environment is designed to feel safe and homely with special domestic features and comforts, while also being safe and secure. 

With the choice of private and social spaces, consumers may opt to interact or retreat to aid with recovery and rehabilitation. 

Access to natural light is an important feature, along with activity spaces and lounge areas where consumers will spend a significant amount of time. Landscaping for the facility is designed to celebrate nature, recognising the positive effect it has on people. 

The neutral palette is soft and will be complemented with furnishings featuring earthy tones to warm up the space. Soothing blue and green will be used on joinery and furniture to help create a calming and peaceful interior. 

Sustainability in design

Health Infrastructure and Sydney Local Health District are committed to sustainable practices and we work with contractors who have embedded environmentally sustainable procedures. We aim to minimise the ecological and carbon footprint of the project, with preference to be given to the selection of materials that are locally manufactured, recyclable and with low embodied energy. 

A Forensic Rehabilitation Service

Burudyara is part of the 170-bed Concord Centre for Mental Health precinct, adding accommodation for 42 people, each in their own room with ensuite. Accommodation will feature an inpatient unit for people early in their rehabilitation and self-catered apartment accommodation for those toward the end of their inpatient rehabilitation journey.

Recruitment opportunities

Recruitment for an expanded team of specialist clinicians from all health disciplines will open in mid-2025 for roles commencing in 2026. 

If you are interested in a position where you will be well supported within a comprehensive network of specialist forensic services across the state of New South Wales, share your details to be notified when recruitment opens.
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